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Nnamdi Kanu may have been killed by the Army — Sources

Many pointers indicate that Army has indeed eliminated Nnamdi Kanu & also eliminated his closest relatives who could have mourned him too noisily.
Nnamdi Kanu during court trial

There is an almost 100% certainty that Nnamdi Kanu and some Family members were killed last week!

It is ridiculous for the head of the Nigeria’s Army to say that only the Federal Government can declare Nnamdi Kanu wanted, when it is now almost 100 percent certain that the same army under his command killed him last week.

The Nigeria Army withdrawal from Abia State so soon after the desecration of Nnamdi Kanu’s home and the mass killing of so many young men around his home are the most eloquent confirmations to me that they have indeed killed Mr. Nnamdi Kanu. 

If the army are still searching for him, they would obviously have remained around Umuahia and its environs for a much longer time in search of their main target. 

I am from Umuahia, same city as kano. My family had to move away from the area last week because of the terrible activities of the Nigeria army.

Many people in Kanu’s household have been confirmed dead!

I learnt they had to kill him quickly as a prize for President Buhari before his travel to the UN General Assembly in New York, and he traveled on Sunday, 17 September, 2017.

The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s leadership worldwide announced that “IPOB have gone deep in search of the whereabouts of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his patients no where to be found.”

“We are using this opportunity to inform the whole world including the United Nation that the Nigerian military killed our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu during the attack and invasion of his compound in Umuahia Abia State”, they declared.

For the first time since the 1970 end of the Biafra War, the North and Nigerians generally never experienced a single-minded, incorruptible Igbo leader who the Igbos supported as affectionately and vigorously as they did Nnamdi Kanu. 

This was an unpleasant surprise for Nigeria. From previous history, such an Igbo leader pose problems to Nigeria, they obviously thought. 

He had to be quickly neutralised for the country to continue as is usual. 

And its Nigerian-style s/election of counterfeit and subservient leaders for the Igbos within the country must be continued for the country’s status-quo to continue. 

However, a continual baffling Nigerian enigma is why most other Nigerians since the 1940’s seem so severely to despise, discriminate and desperately desire the complete down-grade of Igbos within Nigeria: but still would fight as desperately hard to keep them as their compatriots! 

Nigeria has succeeded at the latter mainly because especially since the 1960’s, the Igbos within Nigeria are usually left with very, very, dodgy leaders after Nigeria-type electoral processes. 

The qualities, actions and allegiances of their present crop of state governors clearly demonstrate this trend.

But Nnamdi Kanu seemed different. 

He seemed incorruptible, passionate for his people’s long-term progress, was fearless; and his emergence was unexpected and spontaneous from among them. 

He had not been adulterated by Nigeria’s s/election’ process. His people became very emboldened by what they saw and they almost totally adored him. 

He therefore was an existential threat to Nigeria’s unity, needing to be completely destroyed; and that, with the co-operation of their s/elected state governors and many of their established post-1970 political leaders.

Since the invasion and desecration of his and his father’s (Eze Kanu) family house in Umuahia last week, much analytic evidence abound which strongly suggest that not only did the Nigerian Army bundle away and have Nnamdi Kanu killed.

But they also abducted and have permanently silenced his elderly father, the Eze, his mother and any close family members or associates who were within the Eze’s palace at the time. 

After all, they all must be permanently silenced since there should be no public witnesses to Nnamdi Kanu’s killing or its method. 

Presently, a government-supported propaganda ruse, including the above statement from the Nigerian Army commander, seem to suggest that Nnamdi Kanu could still be in hiding somewhere (cowardly).

Meanwhile, his dedicated followers faced their own deaths in public – to diminish his aura; (as were the secretly videoed images of those organised conjugate slapping of a mass of his followers against one another before they were eventually drowned and killed in the thick mud puddle alongside the rough and pot-holed Aba-Umuahia highway – another brutal psychological ruse to diminish their enthusiasm for their common cause and to batter their inter-personal friendships just before their imminent deaths. 

Also, the very recently ‘IPOB-cowering’ Nigerian s/elected South East governors suddenly become very bold in public in the face of Nnamdi Kanu’s over-whelming popularity and of his independence referendum agitation; as to declare the IPOB group proscribed -so quickly. 

But they did so only after a closed door meeting with Major General Adamu Abubakar, the GOC of the Nigerian Army 82nd Division. 

His heavily armed soldiers were dispersed all around their streets and had been very busy around Nnamdi Kanu’s home. 

Even former President Obasanjo, despite his much-publicised dislike for Mr. Kanu, seemed to join in the publicity ruse. 

Suddenly last week, he suggested a meeting between him (Kanu) and President Buhari! 

A very cunning Nigerian military-politician: could he have been setting up a public alibi for himself for his possible future denial of any fore-knowledge of Mr. Kanu’s killing? 

And the Arewa Youths (who so virulently insisted that the Igbos must leave the North) seemed also to join in the diversionary propaganda act. 

They suddenly started to parade the restless North in Igbo attires [!] seemingly requesting that the Igbos continue their stay with them. 

(They and their leaders now seemed very confident that their main enemy, the ‘dangerous’ rallying personality for the Igbos, Nnamdi Kanu, was already completely neutralised on their behalf by the Nigerian Army.) 

Their Igbo quit notice therefore deserved to be ‘postponed’: hence their laughable parades. 

Then, the Nigerian President who had never stepped his feet on the South East states as President, just before his travel to New York, sent some of his trusted northern governors into the region for ‘peace meetings’ with their Eastern colleagues. 

(A confidential knowledge of Nnamdi Kanu’s demise seemed to have inspired the President’s assurance of their personal safeties.)

And how can the Nigerian Army who came on the orders of their commander-in-chief to completely neutralise Nnamdi Kanu start to evacuate the streets of Umuahia and Abia State (where their main target reside) so readily; without a cast-iron assurance that their main target had been eliminated – even with the corpses of so many of his slain followers and ‘defenders’ still left around the main target’s home. 

(Only last week they had vehemently insisted that their ‘operation phyton dance’ must last its desired course in Abia state.)

Then finally, over the weekend, some ‘Umuahia Youths’ suddenly developed a dislike for their long respected and well-liked Eze Kanu insisting that the state governor must dethrone him; or else, they would burn down his palace! 

How could they have been as bold to make such audacious request in Igbo land without an assured political prodding; and with no assurance by their instigator(s) that the Eze was no more? 

Those ‘Youths’ desire to burn down the palace seem aimed at the interests of the instigators to destroy any forensic evidence left after the violent abductions. 

But soon after, a recorded video evidence emerged of the widespread mayhem, blood splashes and  the bullet holes left in the Eze’s palace during the home invasion. 

(The governor then had to state that he would not dethrone Eze Kanu; and the ‘Umuahia Youths’ did not react! The evidence were already digitalised.)

The main political and military actors and powers that be in Abia State and the SE of Nigeria and their powerful nationwide associates seem to collectively harbour a secret yet being concealed from the public – that Nnamdi Kanu, his father the Eze and some of his family members have all been dispatched!

Indeed, many other pointers indicate that the Nigerian Army has indeed accomplished its primary objective for President Buhari’s Abia State version of his ‘python dance’ much faster and far easier than was anticipated – destroy Nnamdi Kanu.

And also eliminate his closest relatives who could later have mourned him too noisily and inconveniently for the relevant Nigerian political and military powers – if left alive!

As one who has observed the phenomenon called Nigeria since the 1960’s, one must feel for Mr. Nnamdi Kanu’s faith in ‘a caring humanity’ of Nigeria and its political system; even though he had consistently referred to it as a ‘zoo’. 

But perhaps naively, he forgot that unlike Odumegwu Ojukwu during the 1967 to 1970 Biafra war, he had no armoury nor armed soldiers; or a readied airplane or underground tunnel for his personal escape. 

He only had some enthusiastic ‘defenders’ dressed in black attire but armed only with their Biafra-like hyper-patriotic sentiments; and with their veritable ‘weapons’ of stones, large sticks, broken bottles and dependence on a supposed caring international political system for their personal protection and defence of their independence-referendum agitation efforts. 

And he neglected the vital safety point that he could be very easily marooned within his easily identifiable father’s palace if he was mortally threatened by an overwhelming military force.

For, how could Nnamdi Kanu have operated successfully within the ruthless Nigerian securities-services-terrain ‘so casually’; calling for Biafra independence for his oppressed people as is commonly done by other such peoples’ in his usual humane UK/European environments where adherence to human rights laws and respect for the sanctity of human life are rife and routine? 

And, with their antecedents; how could he have so casually be as trustful of the Nigeria Army that he and his defenders would not be attacked because of supposedly, a Nigerian government’s respects for existant international human rights treaties!

And he grossly underestimated the inherent hypocrisies of the world’s political leaders and of the international political system in which they operate. 

As was the case also during the 1967 to 1970 Biafra War and atrocities, he again overestimated their willingness to come to the rescue of endangered populations such as his; especially as it involves the lives, long-term socio-economic emancipation and widespread vigorous and gainful economic productivity of black-skinned Africans!

Nnamdi Kanu’s experience and of his slain followers/stone-throwing defenders ought to serve as worthy lessons to other independence agitators in Black Africa; especially in Nigeria.

However, rather than the current diversionary government-supported propaganda and fake news planted in the Nigerian Press aimed at protracting their confirmation of the now very likely reality, to an eager public, of Nnamdi Kanu’s killing  (just as was in 1966 by the Nigerian government of the day after the Army-murder of Major General Aguiyi Ironsi and Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi) Nigeria’s government ought to reveal to the public the full truth of Mr. Kanu’s ultimate demise, and of his parents and siblings soon.

The earlier this is done, the better it would be for Igbos; and indeed Nigerians generally. 

But unfortunately, going by a previous Nigerian government treatment and disposal of the hanged Mr. Ken Saro-Wiwa, I very much fear that their mortal remains, especially of Nnamdi, may never be identifiable or even located.

Dr. Onyebuchi C Eseonu


Author: ‘Unchecked, They’ll Kill Us All’

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