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Nnamdi Kanu’s address to Biafrans- why Biafra did not come on 12th October 2020

Dear Biafrans;

I am very pleased to have you all today and appreciate your dedication towards the fight for the restoration of Biafra. IPOB remains the best and the only group that can give you Biafra. I have said time without number that you will wake up in Biafra after a short night rest in Nigeria and it takes belief to be proud of IPOB.

I am coming to you late with this address because as your supreme leader; every effort to restore Biafra is solely on me. I am on-field player as much as I am a goal keeper. I talk on radio as much as I do executive works. I am everything, one man squad in charge of everything. So, I was so busy with restoration project, bear with me for addressing you this late.

Nigerian government has sworn that Biafra will never come but I am determined to increase my radio broadcast, talk more than a gossiping woman and shout like a screaming man undergoing local surgery. I have decided to open CHK in Kastina state and extend it to Republic of Benin. I will talk and talk until heaven falls down. That is when you all will know there is power in the tongue.

Many of you will doubt because you are poor students of history. Whilst we are Jews, anything to defend oneself is accepted. We must have the ability to reason to be able to win this fight. In Genesis; many people waited God to fight but he just spoke and there was dry land- he created the earth with words. I am the supreme of supreme of Biafra and when I say Biafra will be restored, it would be restored.

I have faced everything and everybody since I began this journey and I have come out victorious. I faced Buhari in the prison, I called him a mad man, I called him a fool and came out victorious. I faced Nigerian soldiers on my way to Ebonyi and came out victorious. I faced them in my compound and came out victorious. I faced saboteurs like Clifford Iroanya and his cohorts; I came out victorious. I faced Nigerian journalists and writers, I came out victorious. I faced Biafran journalists; baby saboteurs, I came out victorious. I have always won my battles and to restore Biafra is a battle I will win.

Your money will not be in vain; give me more of your money with trust because I always win. Do not listen to saboteurs who said 12th of October 2020 was the day I said I would restore Biafra. I might have said something like that because I often talk without control. The spirit of God talks through me but I am not sure the spirit said Biafra will come 12th of October 2020. Ask them to show you evidence that God spoke through me. 12th October has come and gone; we will not see it anymore, but one thing you all will do for me is observe it as Saboteurs Day Two.

I can confirm that I said Biafra will come this 2020; the Spirit of God told me this 2020, nothing will stop this 2020 and be prepared to chase saboteurs out of Biafra land. I have the audio evidence of God speaking through me about 2020 restoration of Biafra. Ask saboteurs to show you evidence of 12th of last month. We are always winning; we are formidable and going to fivemidable, sixmidable and sevenmidable.

Be strong in this battle; I made them to start demanding EndSars; I made them to start reasoning and only IPOB can restore Biafra. They are determined to ridicule us but we must be stronger than we were if we are to restore Biafra. 12th October was a strategic effort to derail this struggle and we must fight those Biafrans federal government gave some money to destroy the good work of IPOB. forget about Fulani; Nigerian army or police, fight yourselves, those among us must be killed as we killed Prophet Anthony Nwoko if we must restore Biafra.

Find out all those people that said Biafra would be restored on 12th October 2020 and kill them; silently kill them, give them poison if they are closer to you, use machete and silently murder them, distance yourselves from them if you are a true IPOB. We are not here to joke and we must do what needs to be done to ensure the restoration of Biafra.

Long Live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Long Live IPOB
Long Live Biafra
The Zoo Must Fall

Note: This Is A Creative Work Of Fiction

Ifeanyi Chijike- freelance/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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