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Nnamdi Kanu’s Alleged EU Parliament Invitation — Shame or Insult

By Ifeanyi Chijioke


This is a wonderful time to make a comeback. I chose a long break, although circumstance brokered it,. During my long break, I enjoyed viewing Game Of Thrones. I must confess my appreciation of lord Petyr Baelish.

As we already knew, he had brothels and that gave him access to information and from there, he became a perfect manipulator. He knew what the people want and he uses information to aspire for wealth and fame.

In all fairness; that character is everything Nnamdi Kanu is in this his game of Biafra. I like Nnamdi Kanu as much as I like Lord Baelish; they are simply perfect in their games, even though its negative, I appreciate them so much. Whenever it looks like Kanu’s fraudulent fire is going down; he knows how to deceitfully add fuel.

Did you say Kanu was not getting it right? Did you stop giving him your money because you concluded he cannot restore Biafra? Did you give praise to God instead of Kanu? Now you have a reason to turn back and join his bandwagon of idiots- that is the reason for this EU shame, lies and insult he brought upon Biafra.

Had Kanu the opportunity to peep through the windows of EU building, given access or greeted a white man inside the building as Tony Nnadi did, the noise would have left me deaf. We saw everybody invited by EU speak on the floor; but those that announced their own invite ended up outside the premises of EU without even addressing their members why they congregated. Had Kanu wasted time outside; he would have been disgraced by security men, sadly, whiter than white is no more.

Before we go to the next item; hope you can still recall why Candy Stallworth, former IPOB mobilization officer was sacked? She was sacked because she announced there was invitation for referendum date to be discussed but when the day came, for one reason or the other, she made a video outside the congress building, sadly, the following day, Nnamdi Kanu sacked her for what they termed fraud and deceit. Fast forward to date; Uche Mefor and Nnamdi Kanu are the masters of ‘Outside building invitees’

We all came to the conclusion that Candy Stallworth taking a video outside the congress building was not an invitation and also fraud but you agreed Uche Mefor taking his own video outside UN building was an invitation!

You, on 10th of September also agreed that another video taken outside EU building is an invitation, indeed, this wisdom I see in you amazes me. I expect the leader of MASSOB and others to quickly rush in front of any notable building on meeting day and take a video, but ever before that, they should announce their invitation by the body they choose to use their building for the video.

Now, Nnamdi Kanu’s desperation is killing the struggle, not only are wise people taking our agitation for a joke, they are beginning to see the people of Biafra are incapable of sustaining sovereignty.

If Nnamdi Kanu can say he was invited by EU and releases a video of him in front of EU building, few Biafrans believed, would it not be a mistake giving such unreasonable people freedom? Don’t you think those that can help Biafra may say you are not yet reasonable enough for independence and needs to stay under Nigeria to develop or have ability to reason before helping?

Perhaps, I might be wrong in a way, knowing that Kanu has nothing to offer, nor has he anything on the ground to restore Biafra, manipulating few IPOB members is an act of playing a good role, at least, giving the people hope, although it’s a false hope. Let them enjoy it for the moment while other options are explored by those truly looking for substance of freedom.

This is not the first time IPOB went to a diplomatic building and recorded videos to manipulate the people into believing they have something to offer and it would not be the last.

EU will invite Biafra when the time comes; we would not announce the invitation, EU will make the announcement that they invited us. We shall have a seat on the floor of the parliament and we shall speak loudly. We shall not record videos outside UN or EU building, instead, BBC, CNN and mainstream media syndicates shall record and air us speaking to the parliament.

We shall not stay in front of any building with security men ensuring we didn’t cross boundaries and shout MASSOB, IPOB, BNYL, BNC or any groups’ name, rather, we shall address the world, tell them we are ready to go and become a just and prosperous republic. For now, lies can fly and let manipulations entice our hearts, it would not last forever, and truth will locate us and bypass all these lies.

I have not seen the end of Lord Baelish of Game of thrones, I am certainly looking forward to it, because it would be craftily served.

Nnamdi Kanu would someday look back and regret ever making fool of our people. The few people he deceive today and tomorrow will only wake up the day EU truly invite Biafra to their parliament and surely, they will invite us to announce their support when the time comes.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is the founding national leader of family writers

Founder Biafra reporters TBP

Pioneer Biafra TV journalists

Investigative/Independent journalist

He writes from Enugu

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