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Nnewi—Brotherhood Before Politics: Media War Not In Our Best Interest ~ By PRO Nnewi

Julius Nyerere in socialism emphasized the importance of Brotherhood in Africa in his “Ujamaa”. In the development of this concept , Nyerere upholds that the bond in brotherhood supercedes all else.

Plato in his “REPUBLIC”- ideal state; sees politics as pure and perfect. And should only be reserved for developed minds. This accounts for why the Philosopher King do not carry baggage; he has no family nor business to avoid distraction, because he manages the ‘soul of the state”.

Chinua Achebe in his “Things Fall Apart”; wanted to describe how the colonial masters distorted our values and he said “the Whiteman has put a knife in what held us together, and things are falling apart”.

We may not afford to seat down and watch social media put a knife in what held Nnewi together, because we can’t afford to fall apart as our strength lies in our unity and our unity is beyond Ujamaa of Nyerere; the unity of Nnewi is a spiritual bond.

The present reckless and unguided writings or publication on the social media by varying camps in Nnewi is in itself, self destructive. It is neither the essence of creating the social media nor is it to our best interest in its entirety.

The parties involved have refuse to demonstrate the needed maturity required of beings in relation or being with as expressed in Heidegger’s call for “authenticity of being”. Such conduct is unethical in a politically correct culture of positive thinking and must be condemned both in matter and form.

Therefore, I am directing the immediate and remote families including their kinsmen as a body cum their administrative wards to send words to their sons and daughters(if any) restraining them from further actions on the media space.

Furthermore, it’s my sincere believe that the parties involved will join the evolving world in it’s struggle to move from state of nature to a state of law. According to Hobbes in this theory, “there must be but one will of all men”, for peace and other to be instituted in communities.

Nnewi is sad on the injection of the name of His Royal Highness; the Igwe of Nnewi into this lawlessness and beckons to the parties to respect the institution, both administrative and traditional institutions of this town, by avoiding the temptation of dragging their names into this as a method of scoring cheap political points.

We may not find it funny when the institutions we built is being ridiculed and as such, it will be met with resistance.

Finally, we are calling on all to absolutely embrace peace.


Sir Augustine Ike (KSJI)
Publicity Secretary Nzuko Ora Nnewi

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