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No Amount Of Media Trial Can Bring Down The Sodje Brothers 


It is saddening to note that the ways and manners half baked information on media are lifted without proper information and inquiry, then proceed to feed the populace with same is becoming a trend in the Nigeria media outfit especially social media and  some blogging sites. These fictitious information channels  base it’s survival on straying news which are detrimental to one’s image, especially if such a person is a celebrity

It will be much more tolerable to remain neutral rather than chasing after the wind just to make name through the means of deformation of people’s character.  

This whole episode brings us to the current wave of event concerning the Sodje brothers, Ex Super Eagle players. It would be recalled that in 2013, Sam Sodje alongside his sibling, Steven Sodje, went to Dubai where they were supposedly scheduled to hold a meeting regarding their foundation which has been in existence since 2010. The outcome as widely known, was to channel the proceeds to the less privileged and those under serious conditions and has been considered unfit by the society.

Suffix it to say that the meeting which had one sport journalist Mahzer’Mahmood in attendance, who actually fixed the meeting turned out to be a conspirator and had  the brothers set up with fictitious allegation  for reasons which he later ascribed to devil’s handiwork (according to his confession),  climaxed like a wide fire and had Sam’s football career truncated in the most bizarre manner thereby creating room for  his former Postmouth club to decline in absorbing him  and further refused to sign him for the season’s deal.

Mahzer’Mahmood who write for the Sun newspaper has a  legendary attitude with his misdemeanor act and pattern of conspiracy amidst set up amongst sports legend. Eriksson, former England National coach alongside Pakistanis rugby player were victims of his set up, they sued him for libel and got their pound of flesh from him as the law demand.

It may interest people to know that the evil sport journalists, Mahzer’Mahmood was sentenced to fifteen months jail term by the Prosecution Counsel in UK on the 21st of October, 2016. 

Coming to Sam Sodje’s issue, it is disheartening and  laughable  to know that, rather than pleading and asking for  forgiveness from Sam and his brothers, the Sun newspaper the outfit  Mahzer’Mahmood writes for, having interpreted the handwriting on the wall, decided to run to National crime Agency (NCA) to investigate if actually the Sodje foundation is in existence and doing that which is  stipulated in it’s chatter of operation as a charity organization.‎ 

The same charity that lots of people have benefitted from and still counting.   Sodje, unlike several other footballers has paid his dues by picking many out of the streets and building shelter over their heads,. His benevolent attitude to mankind is one feat that has been engraved in the Sand of time and  will not be forgotten in decades to come.  

The company which Mahzer’Mahmood writes for, afraid that more sledge legal hammer will soon descend on them, embarked on a futile. Journey by childishly accusing the Sodje brothers of fraud for a registered foundation that has been carrying out its responsibilities as designed in its tenets and template . This however, is nothing but tantamount to bitterness as the sordid act of their staff Mahzer’Mahmood has been exposed and disgraced thereby serving a jail term. The  Sodjes  has moved on and has soared on Eagle’s wing.

Though the set up which saw Sodje quitting the round leather game and spending almost all his life earnings in futility just to prove that he was innocent of the hateful accusations against him, the case, which has been confirmed lately  after three years to be false with the devil of a journalist facing series of legal  trials and  libel   as being handled by the Prosecution Counsel in United Kingdom, SAM Sodje has relentlessly, forged ahead in life and breaking numerous grounds and boundaries as his efforts has heeded positive ends and achievements in life after sport

It is very obvious that all these unfounded allegations and bias media judgement is borne out of hatred and  leaf fall by his detractors having failed in all ramifications to further embarrass him .

Since Sam left the round leather game amidst the blackmail and set up by Mahzer’Mahmood, he has broken so many grounds in his endeavor and his charity foundation which act side by side with his passion for humanity has never been abandoned.

It is therefore crystal clear that  the National Crime Agency are aware of this simple fact, hence, posterity will continue to hold sway on his behalf because no man is in charge of another man’s destiny.

Come November 14, 2016, him, alongside his siblings will be vindicated yet again and the world will know that no matter how one try to suppress a fertile flower, it will still find its way through the ray of sunlight.

Prince Chux Davix Daniels Onyemaka 


Coalition for Social  Justice and Equity,

Rescue Nigeria for Nigerians 


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