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No Apologies For Donating Wheelbarrows To Indigent People —Nsukka LG Boss

The Transition Committee Chairman of Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, Hon Chinwe Ugwu, has explained why she donated 30 Wheelbarrows to 30 Indigent wheelbarrow pushers in Nsukka.
The explanation of the Chairman followed mixed reactions that the donation of the wheelbarrows have been generating since the story broke.
A statement issued by Spokesman of the transition committee Chairman, Ejike Okpe said it only required a human leader to donate to the people in that class.
Wheelbarrow pushers are a group of individuals who not many spare a thought for. Yet among them are breadwinners, on whom their livelihoods, their siblings’ and oftentimes, that of their parents, depend.
And wishing away this set of people with a wave of the hand, is being foolhardy considering the fact that a number of illustrious sons of a number of climes, began their arduous journey of life with that trade; many even starting theirs with less prestigious ones.
“And so, it only required a humane leader like Hon. Chinwe Ugwu; a leader who is determined to run an all-inclusive administration, to spare a thought for this class of people.”
Reacting to the mixed recations generated by the gesture, he said ” it beats sane minds, I must state, how a genuine act of charity, would spark off this volume of mis- representation and misconstruition.
The question now is, must every single gesture be politicized? Even when the lives touched yesterday were ecstatically appreciative, jubilant and contented, people still wag tongues.
“Is it that our politicians are now so jobless that they now spend this volume of man-hour on talking about a gesture of charity from someone with a good and golden heart in this light?
“Collaborating with the National Youth Assembly, Nsukka LGA, led by Comrade Jerry Kaleb Oloto, the the Transition Committee Chairman of Nsukka LGA sourced out 30 out of these youths and gave their lives a huge leverage.
“However, for those whose legs are not in their shoes, it might be difficult for them to understand how valuable what Hon. Chinwe Ugwu did for the wheelbarrow pushers yesterday. But those who were there to witness the ecstasy in their faces and of course, their emotion-laden testimonies and gratitudes, clearly saw what Hon Chinwe’s gesture of charity meant to the beneficiaries.
“To arrive at who and who benefitted, the TC Chairman deployed the members of National Youth Assembly to Ogige Market and Ikpa Market where they practically sourced out the real barrow pushers.
“Their names and phone numbers were compiled and steps were taken to ensure that it was the real people that benefitted.
What the Transition Committee Chairman aimed to achieve was to make life easier for the Wheelbarrow pusher who spends upwards of three hundred Naira per day to hire a barrow.
This makes the barrow pushers dependent on the whims and caprices of the barrow owners who exploit the barrow pushers.
With what Hon Chinwe Ugwu did yesterday, 30 of those barrow pushers are now Independent and can run their business without entanglements.
“Yet, let those who wag their tongues be ready to wag more because Hon Chinwe Ugwu, the Transition Committee Chairman of Nsukka LGA, intends to do more for the Barrow Pushers. In her address, she disclosed her plans of giving out 30 Wheelbarrows monthly until the end of her tenure.
” It may not mean anything to you, but it means a lot to those wearing the shoes, the Wheelbarrow pushers themselves.
“Had Hon Chinwe Ugwu intended to achieve anything other than the heart-felt gesture of charity, then she would have, like most Nigerian politicians would have done, branded the Wheelbarrows with her pictures and name.
“But No!, she handed them over to the beneficiaries, plane and unbranded. That, more than anything else should convince you that the TC, Chairman is only interested in the welfare of the poor and the forgotten wheelbarrow pusher, just like she cares for members of every strata of Nsukka society.
“Yet more are coming,” he stated.

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