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No Dear Osinbajo, You’re Wrong, God Didn’t Make Nigeria—By Fani Kayode


“Our country is about people that God put together”– Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, 8th June 2017

I am sorry Mr. Acting President but I humbly and respectfully disagree. We must not use God’s name in vain. Worse still you have based your assertion on a false premise. 

I am afraid that you got it completely wrong. The truth is that our country is about people that the British, not God, put together.

They did not just put us together but they rigged the system and designated those of us from the south and Middle Belt as slaves and “rich wives” whilst the core north were designated as the master race, the slave-masters and the “poor husband”.

Since then the people of the Middle Belt, the northern minorities and the south have been bruised, battered, raped, sodomised, cheated, humiliated, ethnically cleansed, subjected to genocide and hatred, hopelessly  marginalised and turned into servile and groveling serfs in their own country by  invaders and vandals from a distant land.

I know the history inside out from day one and the Holy Spirit reminds me of it every day. No Mr. Acting President, do not bring God into it. This is not the work of God, it is the work of the devil.

Permit me to go further. It is instructive to note that in the British general election which took place on Thursday 8th June, no less than seven Members of Parliament, all of southern Nigerian heritage and extraction, were elected into office.

They are Chuka Umunna representing Streatham.  Bim Afolami representing Hitchin & Harpenden. Fiona Onasanya representing Peterborough. Chi Onwurah representing Newcastle Central. Kate Osamor representing Edmonton. Kemi Badenock representing Saffron Walden. And Helen Grant representing Maidstone & The Weald.

They have all made us proud yet not one of them is from the northern part of Nigeria or a member of Nigeria’s “born to rule” master race.

That says a lot about southern and northern Nigeria respectively. In a sane, decent and civilised society where merit is the watchword and justice and equity is the foundation southern politicians excel.

In a society that is mired in deceit and fear and that wallows in intellectual barrenness, abject poverty, social deviancy, spiritual harlotry, debilitating bondage and racial, religious and regional hegemony and discrimination, northern politicians flourish whilst their counterparts from the south live in fear and trepidation and remain in subjugation, never achieving their full potentials.

The truth is that if any of those British/Nigerian MP’s had chosen to practice politics in this country as opposed to the United Kingdom, they would have been regarded as nothing more than field hands, errand boys and slaves by the northern ruling elite.

Simply on account of their faith, region and tribe, they would have struggled very hard to have been considered as anything more than appendages, quislings and lackeys to the owners of the geographical space called Nigeria.

This is despite the fact collectively they constitute and represent some of the brightest minds in the world and each and every one of them is capable and more than qualified of being the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

That is how bad the plight of southerners are in Nigeria today: no matter how eager, bright, intelligent, dedicated and patriotic they are, they cannot lead without permission and a blessing from the core Muslim north and they cannot flourish or excel in the political arena without the tacit support of the master race. 

We are indeed living in insufferable bondage.

This Mr. Acting President, is not the work of God: it is the work of the devil.

And quite apart from the historical woes and sorrows and avoidable tragedies of the last 103 years which we have discussed, analysed, written essays about and debated “ad infinitum”, what has the rulership of the almighty north and their mystical, indestructible, all-knowing, all-powerful gap-toothed Mahdi offered us in the last two years? 

All we see is chaos, all we feel is pain, all we shed are tears and all we taste is blood. Let us look at it critically and honestly.

2.1 million Nigerians lost their jobs in 2016. Fulani herdsmen have flooded children’s schools with their cows in Edo state, chased the kids out and put their cows in the classrooms.

A strong coalition of Arewa (northern) youth groups have threatened the Igbos of south-eastern Nigeria and asked them to leave the north within three months.

The Northern Elders Forum led by Professor Ango Abdullahi supported their call and repeated and reiterated their threat and quit notice to the Igbo. Boko Haran has attacked and entered parts of Maiduguri.

The President has vanished into thin air, gone AWOL and disappeared and no-one seems to be sure what is wrong with him, where he is or whether he is alive or dead.

Federal Ministers that were cleared by the Senate over 6 weeks ago have not yet been sworn in.

The Buhari administration has not had a Secretary to Federal Government (SGF) running and coordinating its affairs for months now.

The 2017 budget has not been signed even though we are 6 months into the year. Nigeria is in deep economic recession and people are suffering.

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