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No Dear Osinbajo, You’re Wrong, God Didn’t Make Nigeria—By Fani Kayode


Thousands of innocent men, women and children are being slaughtered by Fulani militants all over the country.

Genocide and mass murder have been committed against IPOB youths in the east and Shiite Muslims in Zaria by security forces.

Nigerians are on their knees begging for crumbs and millions of them have been turned into second class citizens and slaves.

Human rights are being abused and civil liberties are being violated in the most vicious and brazen manner whilst leaders of the opposition and their families are subjected to nightmarish and endless criminal investigations and politically-motivated and malicious criminal prosecutions.

Government officials are not only incompetent but also hopelessly corrupt yet they act with impunity because they are considered to be above the law.

A dark, evil, sinister cabal of religious bigots and ethnic supremacists has held the Acting President captive and they are running our country even though they were never elected and most Nigerians don’t even know their names or what they look like.

Apartheid is alive and well in Nigeria where the “master race” of northern Muslims head every single military, security and intelligence agency except for the Navy.

The Government has encouraged a culture where cattle are regarded as being more important than human beings and where Christian leaders, clerics and the Church are subjected to humiliation, insults, shame and all manner of indignities.

The National Assembly is being harassed and the Judiciary is being intimidated.

Nigerians are divided, hungry, fearful of the future and very angry.

The Igbos of the south east and the Niger Deltans of the south south are so marginalised and disgusted that they are agitating for secession and the creation of the sovereign and independent nations of Biafra and Rondel respectively.

The Yoruba of the south-west are so distressed and alarmed that they have turned the word “restructuring” to their battle cry and warned that if it does not come sooner than later the disintegration of Nigeria will become inevitable the Republic of Oduduwa will become a reality.

The people of the Middle Belt and the northern minorities, historical victims of the most barbaric and pronounced form of oppression and suppression from a relentless and unforgiving master, for the first time in our history, are crying that they are not part of any Arewa north and that if the south insist on going they would rather leave with them rather than stay in bondage and as slaves and appendages of the core north for another 100 years.

The Niger Delta militants have demanded that all the oil blocs owned by northerners must be returned back to the people of the Niger Delta.

The Northern Elders Forum have said that the whole of the south, including the oil wells of the Niger Delta Area, were developed by money from the north and that the oil in the Niger Delta does not belong to the Niger Deltans but to the people of the north.

All we see and hear everywhere are claims and counter claims, confusion, strife, acrimony, violence, threats, anger, bloodshed, breakdown, failure and fear.

What a mess Buhari and his APC have put us in. They are a curse. They are the greatest evil that has EVER befallen our country and by 2019, by God’s grace, we will flush them down the toilet where they belong.

Nothing speaks to our situation better than the profound and reassuring words of Chief Osi Asika, a respected diplomat and a seasoned and experienced political commentator. A few days ago he wrote the following:

“It is naive for man to try and change certain forces and phenomena or the way they impact on our lives and ourselves individually. 

“Seasons come and seasons go, as do empires and civilizations. Winters today are not what they used to be. 

“Rome has long fallen as have many other man made empires. For any to believe that the Fulani will be any different amuses, nay titillates. Pass the popcorn please!”

He concluded by saying: “Talk about the Berlin wall, the disintegration of the USSR with a laid down history that can be traced back 1000 years, economical and political structures that defined the state and some joker is talking about a 100- year old contraption being unassailable in terms of disintegration or restructuring? 

“There is always a paradigm shift of thought, exposure and perception between the field Negro and the house Negro.”

These are edifying and prophetic contributions. Asika is absolutely right. No matter what our adversaries and oppressors may say, do or throw our way, the time for glorifying themselves will soon be over.

Freedom and liberty will come in its due time and season to all those that insist on it and fight for it and no oppression or oppressor, no matter how powerful, awesome relentless, vicious, insidious or cruel, lasts forever.

One day, sooner than later, the emperor shall fall, the chains shall be shattered, the bars shall be cut, the gates shall be broken and the empire shall crumble.

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