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No Man Is Bigger Than Biafra – By Elex Ezike

I still find it somewhat shocking that some so-called Pro-Biafrans, and revolutionary writers in the movement for the resuscitation of Biafra are head bent on subscribing to the fractured field ideology of “restructuring” – those who choose to overlook the unfaithfulness of a tiny coterie and deem it fit to return the “Judas Kiss” on the entire Igbo race by the likes of John Nwodo and co.

I find it utterly disgusting that some so-called fans of Nnamdi Kanu and lovers of freedom choose to endorse the trickery and deceptive restructuring agenda spearheaded by Ohaneze, – an Igbo socio-cultural organization popular in the negative for prostituting their office of leadership and paving the way for the continuous enslavement of the Igbo people in general. It is not a “theory” to state in categorical terms that the aforementioned group have failed to deliver or function to its truest potential.

No man is bigger than Biafra – not even Nnamdi Kanu or Emeka Ojukwu. (both of whom I respect ideologically)

I am a staunch supporter of truth, of freedom. And I will stand by anyone (regardless of age, status, qualification) whose envangelism is in resonance with the collective will of the Igbo people. Anything short of that, is totally unacceptable and must be opposed both literally and metaphorically.

I honestly do not care or give a rat poo who loves me or not in connection with where I stand on this issue.

I stand on the truth and the truth is: when conscious minds say that John Nwodo has crossed the red line, it is not a “theory” like some would opine nor does it make us “morally superior” to those whom the venom of righteous criticism and/or karmic verdict plagues.

I am so sick and tired of those “Pro-Biafrans” who strongly believe they are just and qualified enough to tell us who they think, subjectively, is worthy of being “respected” for their hideous sins against Biafran struggle, posterity and the fallen heroes.

They say A is good but B is bad even when both are birds of same feather.

How do we connect common sense in this reasoning?????

Such selective judgment is logically bankrupt!.

It is not hate speech, when I say, John Nwodo and co, are acting as present day Judas Iscariot. It is not hate speech when we call them what they are without choking the truth to untimely death.

I am sick and tired of writers who think that the Biafran struggle is a competition, a game of power and fame, status and respect.

I am so sick and tired of reading ‘panegyric’ articles and their clap trap contents that does well to portray a beautiful picture of a perceived enemy.

If John Nwodo is a saint, then Joe Igbokwe and Ejike Mbaka are Angels, as far as the subject of Biafra is concerned. Right?

Now, if the above sarcastic statement sounds atrocious in your “consciousness” then congrats, your “consciousness” is in tandem with the collective will and desire of Biafrans.

Whether you stand for Nnamdi Kanu, or Tony Nnadi, (both of whom I respect ideologically) and yet you’re a subscriber of ”restructuring” rather than ‘referendum” then you are one of the PROBLEMS and DIRTY STAINS that needs to be cleaned up.

You cannot be a supporter of the man who sings the song of slavery and still be chanting “freedom” and “Biafra” And simply because, most of us are less “visible” in the struggle doesn’t make the “flamboyant” ones amongst us more “important” or “valuable” or any better than the rest.

I do not want to mention names – but they know themselves!!!

Such selfish, vainglorious service will only make a mockery of the struggle of which many lives have been lost

Keep your achievements to your self.

The Biafran struggle is not a common entrance exam, or JAMB, where individual results are issued to entrants. Its a collective struggle, meaning, collective efforts are required to achieve collective victory. The Biafran struggle is not a race for a trophy where Usain Bolt is competing to outshine Justin Gatlin.

In this struggle, some are field agents, others are house agents. Some are speakers, others are writers. Some are soldiers, others are priests. And so on and so forth….

Know your strength and pursue the path of freedom for the benefit of the Igbo people. That should be the prize on spotlight!

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