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No money is missing at NDDC — Niger Delta Coalition


PRESS STATEMENT — A strategy/monitoring & evaluation (M & E) by our organization, the Niger Delta Youth for change and anti-corruption and our partners, Corruption indicators and global anti-corruption crusaders, based on our recent corruption watch analysis through the interim management committee (IMC) of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and the supervising minister in charge of the commission, the Honorable minister for Niger Delta, we are an independent watchers for corrupt practices in Niger Delta and we have been following the activities of the (IMC) NDDC since Mr. President ordered for forensic investigation into the activities of the commission.

We are shocked by the report presented by the Senator Olubunmi Adetunmbi at the floor of the senate on Thursday 9th July 2020 as claim of an audit report by him the chairman and direct accusation at the managing director of the IMC NDDC, Professor Kemebradikumo Pondei.

A preliminary indication on our findings as independent followers of the commission indicates as follows:

Professor Kemebradikumo Pondei, managing director of the Interim Managing Committee is in the right course on clean sheet; no money is missing as was showcased at the floor of the senate by Senator Olubunmi Adetunmbi.

The supervising minister of the commission is cleared of involvement in corrupt practice in the commission.

The allegation from the senate committee is an act of distraction to the general public, gearing at distracting the populace on the previous criminal activities of some highly-placed characters in the senate involved in the criminal looting of funds running into hundreds of billions of naira from NDDC through contract scam already uncovered by the interim management committee of the NDDC .

The story of 40 billion naira being mismanaged by the IMC is another back hand exercise to intimidate and rubbish the good work of the IMC in uncovering and digging deep into the activities of some senators and their co-travelers that wish to continue in looting funds meant to develop the Niger Delta Region.

Mr. Senate President should, as a matter of fact, constitute a panel to investigate his fellow colleagues which names have been previously mentioned in high profile looting at the commission, so as to clear the name of the senate and its image as members or the general public will see any further attack from the senate on the IMC as witch-hunting.

Mr. Senate President should focus more on legislative purposes and channel his energy more to see how Nigeria can generate 24 hours power supply to move Nigeria forward and stop being used by some very selfish persons within and outside the senate to cause confusion in the Niger Delta particularly the NDDC.

Mr. Senate President please take note Niger Deltas are not fools and the primary object of Senator Olubunmi Adetunmbi is to bring down the current NDDC IMC through blackmails at this moment when forensic investigation is ongoing.

Mr. Senate President we will not fold our hand and watch some selfish individuals loot our funds that should be used in developing the Niger Delta region and we will mobilize millions of youths to occupy the National Assembly if this intimidation/blackmail continues.

We call on Mr. President to call the senate president and his friends at the senate committee and Co-travelers to order. NDDC is not their birth-right or Coco farm. The indicted senate members should immediately mobilize to site and complete their jobs or return already paid funds to the NDDC or be ready to face justice.

We call on the Nigeria public, international oil companies (O.I.C) and international community to disregard those false claims at the senate and their co-travelers as false, misleading and act of distraction to cover up their already corrupt practice under investigation running into hundreds of billions of funds meant for the development of the oil rich region.

Once again we wish to extend our gratitude to Mr. President for ordering a forensic exercise to investigate the activities of the commission that was already seen by the general public, particularly the Niger Delta people, as a white elephant meant to develop some selfish-minded senators and some few criminal minded co-travelers.

Our hope has been reassured, Mr. President, and we are watchful because those who looted the commission dry are still at the gate waiting to destroy the activities of the forensic investigation through blackmail and intimidation


Prince Crispus Amarabhi Ovoh Jnr
Coordinator Niger Delta Youths for change & anti-corruption.

Henry Decon
Global Anti-Corruption Crusaders
Program DirectorCorruption Indicators

Fred Mathew
Field Managers

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