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Northern Elders’ scribe on fire for post comparing Mantilla with Hijab & “bigot” name-calling

The spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed has come under intense attack following his post on Twitter where he compared the Catholic Religious Veil, also called Mantilla, to the Islamic Hijab.

Dr. Baba-Ahmed had made the following post on his Twitter handle @baba_hakeem calling “bigot” anyone who has problem with the Islamic Hijab.

He posted:

Nigerians react:

Northern Elders Forum (NEF) spokesman, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed
Northern Elders Forum (NEF) spokesman, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed

TBQ @TeaZzerbebs

She can’t wear that to a Muslim school

Santa Padre @E_Smilezch

Sir this is beneath you.

KC Onyeji @KOnyeji

Dr, you’re far beyond this, I least expected such a tweet from you.

Morale Vitae @Moralevitaes

It shouldnt be a problem wearing hijab but asking everyone to dress alike with Hijab is the problem, whereas, the one quoted on the left is an ordained Reverend sister who has chosen to serve God but the other faith wants the whole world to wear hijab.

Collins Eze @Collinsabj

Oga the first one is only for nuns, nobody wears that to public institutions as part of uniform and the later is a religious wear for every Muslim female which you want to force on Christian institutions. You can do better as an elder by always saying the truth the way they are.


It’s d audacious hypocrisy for me! I know a lady whose parents r pastors, d always preached against trousers , make up etc bt now their daughter wears only trousers since she travelled to Canada! Religion is a lethal tool used 2control D poor. I insist dt Hijab shud b a choice. I can’t force my wife to wear Hijab especially if it isn’t comfortable for her.

Segedodo @cleanheart0010

Truth be told,when immigrating to another country respecting deir culture is key,u made the decision and swore an oath to switch citizenship or residency. So u have respect their culture.The same way pic A can’t be worn in Saudi Arabia, is the same way pic B cant be worn in France.

Funshaw @funshaw770

However, I think in an open public space, a muslim woman should be free to wear hijab. I’m sure no muslim will allow a babalawo attire in their school or gathering place. It’s be free but considerate .

Tweezy @ItsOluwaTweezy

The FG is literally printing cash to pay salaries. Insecurity is at an all time high and we have an unemployment rate of over 30 percent. Surely these are more germane issues at hand than trying to unnecessarily stir up religious anger over the use of hijab?

Righteousness exalts a nation @opara_ernest

The first is for nuns only, who work with the clergy while the latter is general and worn everywhere. Besides your question, why can’t we mitigate these frictions by each religion deploying resources to meet its needs. The urge to dictate for others is worrisome.

Abu Muhd. @AbuMuha89258858

Neither Kwara State Government nor any Muslim dominated state force all girls to wear Hijab in their respective public schools rather an option given to a willing Muslim students in such schools, the problem now is some ppl think by making such announcement by Kwara govt is an…


Both not d same please

XAM @xamwirab

Everyone should be free to practice their fate and dress as they deem fit. But having government institutions like the security services allow religious dress codes as part of their uniform is diff.Govt. & it’s institution shd be non religious, Flag of Nigeria is a circular state

Adeyemi adekunle @yemicollins

Question is why should Maryam’s veil be topical at this point in time and civilisation? Besides, i particularly see nothing in anyone wearing veil but institutional codes have to be followed.

Promise ayotomide @Promiseayotomi1

Have you seen a reverend sister in secondary class receiving classes?

Jade @funmitannn

With all due respect sir, take off your glasses of bias, this is below your status, composing controversial tweets that fuels religious division. Non of this bothers me, some schools permit this, some others don’t. In fact, my secondary school tolerated this. Let people do what what works for them. When you are in Rome, you live like the Romans, or else you go somewhere else.

Realnewman29 @realnewman29

The problem I have with you northern elites is that you impose your religion secretly and stylishly and pretend not to be aware when violence ensues. You marry our girls and hid them in the Emir’s palaces. With you, I thought I had a friend but with this post, you are an enemy.

Ima Ibrahim @rahim_ima

When Okada was used for criminalities, all governors gathered and banned it. But were there honest Okada boys, yes. When Bitcoin was used for criminalities, CBN banned it. My brother Hakeem, it’s not the religion, it’s the criminalities the bad ones use it for. Don’t sell a lie

Emperor Ernest Irabor @ernieno

With you level of education and knowledge, I will assume your know better that the first one is for Rev Sisters of the Catholic faith. I would prefer you think about the link between your digital minister with Al Qaeda than this frivolous issues.

Ezinwa C Ibekwe @IbekweEzinwa

Shouldn’t bother an enlightened mind. Beneath identity conflicts is the question of individual rights/free expression versus out-group encroachments and impositions on individual liberties. Tolerance of diversity/differences is the hallmark of civilization.

Liberated Man @liberatedD

Deliberate idiocy. “This” does not come to secular school like this. She stays in the seminary. She does not attend a secular job interview dressed like that she does that only to fulfil her private and religious sentiment in her domain.

Ekan udeme @Etime777

One is a choice though

Chike @Chike18244170

They are not the same in any way. The former reflects choice but the later reflects coercion!

Ogadeeper Opeyemi Sã @SaOpeyemi

This is the sole reason the North has remained backward

Káyòdé Adé-El @AdeElKayode

The 1st is for nuns, like the lawyer’s wig or doctor’s scrub. It identifies them for their chosen ‘career’. Not all Christian women can wear it. Only those already of the Order wear it at unis. That’s the difference. Thank you.

Hero Nakamura @topzea

One is a uniform by choice and it is not made compulsory for every female even in that religion but the other is not.

Funshaw @funshaw770

The problem really isn’t the hijab, it’s that after some time, Muslims may tell you to switch the name of xtian schools to make them happy. Don’t go to a xtian school with hijab cos nobody will wear a nun attire to a muslim school like anssrudeen.

Olusegun @Olusegun_saint

The picture on the left refers. Do you see Christian students dress like this to school? Yet, they could. Do you see Christian women in the army add that to their uniforms? You are a hypocrite if you are making such comparisons. A uniform is a uniform. Segregationist tendencies!

The Ambassador @TheAmba97263831

The first has never imposed its dress code on a Muslim institution but the later wants to do so on a christian Institution that’s the problem. Aside that we don’t have any issue with any of them

D Great Shine @Chine247

Come on, you have Dr attached to your name, yet you can’t do common findings before posting pics. Where have you seen children wearing the outfit of the one at the left. That’s strictly for Nuns. Now go do ur findings and come back.

Jide Oyetubo @jsewenmi

People are debating green energy, electric cars, digital currency, wealth distribution etc you are here debating cloth for covering. Please lets do better

Your Mum’s friend @Chizaramekperem

If not because you’re a religious extremist, this shouldn’t be a matter of concern at all

Sir Yawe @sir_yawe

The comparison is totally misplaced and respectfully, off the point sir.

FAITHFUL ARE YOU GOD @haryourmeedy2

Other countries are improving their lives, through development. You are there debating on wearing of hijabs. Foolish people everywhere.

Arowolo Abayomi @aromedprem

Have you seen any person wearing the first frame to a muslim schools before ?

Boda Kris @MofolorunshoC

If only we can understand the true definition uniform I am sure we will be better off

Young Ancient @sonnybatet

It will only become a bother when it is enforced on others.

Chi-so-mu-aga @MiztaChisom

The first is for specific set of people, not for everyone and never a day to day attire. Let’s be guided

Odebode @Shegzyloran12

It amazes me when we humans often fight for ALLAH. Where you expect to find wisdom, we often find bigotry…….. God be with us all.

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