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It’s Not Impossible To Change Nigeria In The Real Sense Of Change

By Theophilus Rays

It’s not impossible to change Nigeria in the real sense of change.

Below are the key steps as articulated and compiled by Theo Rays:

1) Look for Solution outside personal money.

Nigerians concede enormous power to personal money. They believe that personal money can go a long way to deal with their problems. In Onitsha where I live most people believe in their money so much so that they are not interested in the political process.

They are not interested in elections. And they don’t know that the prices of good they buy and sell in the market is determined by political power holders. Their lives centre mouth on money.

But a Man’s life doesn’t depends on what he has.

And a great man or a righteous man is not about his abilities to make money for his personal use, it is about his abilities to solve the problems of others or his abilities to make tangible contributions in building a process and system where people exist without need or want.

Jesus Christ is the Messiah because he devoted his life time to build a workable process and system not raising personal money.

2) Borrow ideas and knowledge from others who have made it.

Studies after study have consistently shown that Nigerians don’t care to know how the West practically made it. Nigerians don’t care to know how the Israelites broke through.

Nigerians don’t care to know how the Asian tigers managed to catch up with the West. Nigerians don’t care to know how Gaddafi built Libya.

And they don’t care to know how China turned out to be a world power. They are more interested in travelling to these foreign lands to eat money or at best find money by all means.

3) Understand development in the real sense of it.

Nigerians don’t understand development in real sense of it

Development cannot be measured by the splendour of public buildings. Development is not about buying lands and building skyscraper.

It is equally not about awarding road contract to Julius Begger, neither is it about going to school to acquire certificate nor the ability of families and tribes to compete with one another.

Development is all about the ability of the people to build a process and system where people live without hatred, without regard to tribe and religion and without lack of basic needs and wants.

The ongoing killings in our country is consequent upon the fact that we don’t have good process and system. Something very serious is missing in our system

4) Using leadership positions first to develop genius and use genius for goodness sake. And secondly use leadership positions to build a process and system not to enrich pocket.  The major problem of Nigeria  is that leaders are not interested in developing genius nor interested in using genius.

The major responsibilities of a leader is to provide the subjects with the opportunities to unleash their potentials. Secondly a leader is meant to divinely build a process and system where things can function well for the good of the subjects not to make personal money for personal use.

Most leaders in Nigeria use their positions to patronage those they like or at best appease those who are threat to their positions. They just wanna give appointment to someone with a long standing relationship not minding whether he knows the job or not.

Again some leaders confine those under them to mere loyalists without grace to express their talents. For instance observers say some State Governors cage their Commissioners in such manner that they cannot unleash what they have upstairs.

In some States the Commissioners cannot freely talk to press. People don’t have the grace to elect leaders of their choice. They are made to accept those given them by fire by force.

The Governor’s political party wins all elective positions in the State. That is not how to build a nation.

All these points combined together can inspire us to make effective move towards the kind of change we earnestly yearn impact on naija…abi

Join me let’s build a process and system upon which humans in the cities and villages around the world can live without need or want.

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