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Now Elections Are Over, It’s Time For Biafra Secessionists To Test Their Popularity

I implore all Igbo youths living at home and abroad who desire to break away from Nigeria to read this.

You cannot achieve your desire for your own country through Egbe Ọnụ or verbal missiles or insulting anyone and everyone. It would only increase your frustration.

I know that you guys want all Igbo men and women to think, live, sleep and behave Biafra. You also believe that Nigeria of today is not working and that an Igbo nation can develop faster and become the pride of Africa. But, I rather would advise the Biafra secession movements to change their tactics. They may win more converts if they become more realistic.

I watched a video that went viral last month where the most respected Francis Cardinal Arinze was advising a zealous young Igbo man in Rome who was trying to enlist his support for Biafra secession movement.

The cardinal simply told the boy, “get involved in politics and push your agenda through the parliament in Abuja”. He told the young man that he was already an Archbishop of Onitsha before the civil war and experienced the politics of war. He told the young man “if you resort to armed struggle, Nigeria and its allies will kill you because you’re not sufficiently armed”. He told the boy that Abel was a good man but, Cain still killed him.

Therefore, IPOB and their leaders should immediately form a political party or merge with the existing one. They should populate the structure of the new party with their loyal members who are educated and understand the philosophy of their organisation. They could also adopt the following strategies:

1. Mobilise the inhabitants of the areas they claim are inside their Biafran map to get their voter’s cards.

2. They should contest and win the local government, councillorship, states, national legislative representatives and governorship offices in their areas of interest.

3. The party should have a very clear regional economic blueprint and synchronised state budgets which should advance the regional economic plans.

4. They should, through better government, prove to the people the need to push for a separate country.

5. By controlling all the states of the south-east and delivering good governance, their politicians would have garnered leardship experience needed in the expected new country.

6. Their members in the national assembly should keep pushing policies that would give autonomy to the states and regions.

The current noise about Lord Lugard this Fulani that is becoming monotonous.

Even Zik, Mbọnụ Ojike, Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello who fought for Nigeria’s independence had to fight through the existing colonial government structures.

Now elections are over, IPOB and their leaders should enter into the political space and test their popularity. Nnamdi Kanu should come back home.

Nnamdi Kanu should learn from Mandela and other freedom fighters all over the world that going to prison for a just cause is part of the struggle. He should come home.

Ironically, Nnamdi nwa guy has taken up citizenship and lives under the protection of the very country or Kingdom that created Nigeria and want Nigeria to remain one.

Getting involved in politics would be a reality check for IPOB members. They have been operating in a sublime ecosystem of hope, dreams and propaganda.

They might eventually find out that many Igbos they claim they are fighting for prefer a bigger country with a greater autonomy to the regions. A referandum will prove all that.

Being that only those that have voter’s cards can vote in a referandum, IPOB members have no other choice than to get involved in voter mobilisation and local politics.

Meanwhile, my elder sister and other Igbo non-indigenes who were summarily retrenched by the Abia State government of Theodore Orji without pay or severance packages don’t understand the Biafra IPOB guys are talking about.

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