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Now that they are in bed


There are so many people in bed in Nigeria. The question is always which bed and which room? The past week have seen Nigeria’s a.k.a lazy youths talking about the personal family affairs of the country’s first family as if it is any of their business. As if they do not all have their own family problems. Anyway, “Uta adighrir ha” (they are not to be blamed) since anyone that adventures into public life have implicitly invited the public into his bedroom. My worry is not about the blabbing of the youths or the trends on social media. I would rather spend my time thinking about the implications of the possibility of the rumours being true. And specifically, I will be worried about the nepotic implications of such a scenario given the anti corruption mantra of the current administration. But again, wetin concern me?

My concern about “them being in bed” in this essay is more focused on the things that matters most in Nigeria’s bid to move forward: governance. With the legislature seen publicly kissing mouth to mouth the executive branch, no one will be in doubt that this country is about to witness the best of times in governance. And a taste of that love is already in progress with the national budget. I read the legislature promised to pass the thing by…Abeg remind me again? November or December? Anyway, the plan is to ensure it is ready for New Year’s presidential broadcast. The executive have matched that promise with action. The executive have banned ministers from travelling. I will add also from not taking any leave. Please do not think that the Ministers do not have any leave entitlement given that they just got appointed. The legislature already took their leave a few days after their inauguration. So I know what I am talking about.And in the words of Chigozie Obioma, “I have seen that many times”. I am sure that the executives ban was not to checkmate them from any “IriJi in Germany” but a sincere move to ensure that things get done. And it is not rocket science to work the budget and answer the questions from the legislature. The executive need to be available to clarify their assumptions when required and that is all it takes to align with the legislature and pass the damn thing.

Worries may arise about whether there will be checks and balances given that both parties are in bed. One such worry has come from Okinbaloye of Channels TV during his weekly show. He recalled the budget padding drama of the past. I think he should not be worried about such. My take is that things are better talked over in bed than out of bed. That is why marriages where the husband and wife share bed every night have been found to last longer than one where they sleep or have separate rooms. Ok, I digressed; let this “bed” not shake too much oh. Come on focus on the subject, you this boy!

The truth is that the main thing is about intents, sense of purpose and sincerity in the delivery of good governance to Nigerians. That they are in bed does not mean they cannot disagree, but the disagreement is easily managed in their case. And talking about intent and sincerity, we bring in Okorocha’s perspective. I believe in his latest suggestion and others have voiced that same support. He suggested cutting down the Senate to 36 from the current 109 in a bid to cut down the cost of governance. This is a sound suggestion we should all focus on with the pressure it requires to make it happen. It is a low hanging fruit from the call for re-structuring which we all know will be a long way coming. And put in perspective with Soludo’s dooms day painting of 2050 and 2100, the earlier we start the better. Again on Okinbaloye’s show I heard someone call for Okorocha to first resign to show support for his suggestion. That was just being childish if you ask me. He does not need to resign to show he means it. If he does that, will the young man come and pursue the bill? Or he just wanted to protect his comrade’s “garri” as usual given that he was once a law maker. It is good that the suggestion is coming early and from someone in the same bed. The time to act is now; he should take the next steps to actualize it.

Let Nigerians pray that something great will come out for the best of this country given the hot romance playing out in our other room. I even heard the judiciary have been peeping and may even sneak in like a thief in the night. That is if she is not there already. I also heard the bed is big enough for all of them! Wishing Nigeria Good luck!


Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

Saturday 12th October 2019



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