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From nPDP To nAPC, And Then What? ~ By Ik Muo


My commentaries are usually socio-economic, though they may have political implications. Today, I am venturing fully and directly into political terrain. After all, this is a political era with several primaries and secondaries (The APC repeat-primary at Ekiti is a secondary!).

However, be assured that it will touch our usual socioeconomic issues -greed, lack of, honour/integrity, politics without principles and wealth without work.

Sometimes ago, some PDP members felt they were receiving a short end of the stick from their party. This group rejected the chairmanship of Alhaji Barmanga Tukur and worked out of the special National Convention in August 2013.

Led by a former PDP acting national chairman, (a man’s enemy are members of his household! Mt. 10:36, Micah 7:6)) Kawu Baraje, they formed the nPDP in November of the same year, and eventually, this group of political jobbers and opportunists joined the APC.

Those who joined APC under the nPDP vehicle included Amaechi, Kwankwaso, Nyako, Ahmed, Wamakko  Nasir el Rufai, Masari Jaja; Sylva, Tambuwal and Saraki.

Immediately they joined APC, all their sins were washed away, everything became anew (2 Corinthians, 5:17) and they were immediately celebrated as progressive change-masters.

That was when APC was a sought-after political virgin, which promised everything and all things, and without telling us the cost. Now, the wind has blown and we have seen the anus of the foul.

Mass defection looms in APC, as nPDP 7-day ultimatum expires

We have seen some of the hidden and open costs of the failed change in the unprecedented rise in national  debts, failure of governance, disconnect between the  government and the governed and governance by propaganda and body language.

But that is not my concern today. My concern is the emergence of nAPC which as our people would say, will surely happen, if not in a week, then in a month (certain to happen, now or later).

Recently, (7/5/18), the disgruntled  nPDP-in-APC, through their chairman (Barje)and secretary( Oyinlola), wrote to the embattled national Chairman of APC, John Oyegun, reminding him of their (nPDP) contribution to the ascendancy of APC in 2015 and then complained bitterly about ingratitude (failure to acknowledge their contributions), intimidation, marginalization, alienation, starvation cum financial strangulation (they called it lack of patronage),  by the owners of APC!

The followed it up with a press conference where they spat fire and brimstone and gave the APC a 7-day ultimatum to repent or…

I do not sympathise with them. APC like most Nigerian parties have owners and joiners and the owners own everything including the yam and the knife with which to cut the yam.

They joined and now they are reaping the fruits of political joinery.

Of course, APC, like a man who got his wife from a beer parlour, should not be surprised if they  saw the wife (or wives this time around) at the beer parlor again.

While we await the reaction by the owners of APC, including  lord and master from Daura, I have a free advice to Baraje and his co-travelers; just form the nAPC.

The environment is favourable and they (nPDP-in-APC) have enviable expertise in shameless political permutation and combination. They just have to mention it and it shall come to become!

Any observer of the political scene knows what I am talking about.

An nnPDP has emerged, disowning the ultimatum to APC; thieves are usually caught while sharing the loot! And Rufai has told them to do their worst, since APC would win without nPDP-in-APC.


In Oyo state, the usually taciturn Minister of Communications,  found his voice and openly assured his governor, Mr Ajimobi, of a flat in prison after the next election. One of them is a sure-candidate for nAPC.

In Imo state, the garrulous  governor is at a do-or-die battle with his own party, to the extent of ordering the arrest of party officials.

In Ekiti state, some known thugs boldly disrupted the first primary in the full glare of security operatives and global media, which led to the second primaries, which is actually a secondary!

Also, Mr Oni, a former governor has threatened to dump the party.

At the senate, some roughnecks boldly went in, despite the maximum-security architecture, seized the mace and quietly walked away.

Ortom of Benue has been abandoned by his own party and has taken over from late Sam  Mbakwe as the modern day weeping governor.

In Kaduna State, Shehu Sani has become an endangered specie while Melaye is being served with a menu that is worse than that prepared for terrorists.

In Kano, where policemen are now the majority in the House of Assembly, Kwankwaso, cannot even visit home without the consent of his former deputy governor  who sits on the throne and an attempt to impeach the speaker has just failed.

In Anambra, Ngige narrowly escaped lynching while in Bayelsa, Zamfara, Ebonyi and Enugu, there were parallel congresses, and in Rivers, the falcon (Abe) can no longer hear the falconer (Amaechi).

At the Ondo primary, an APC stalwart was mercilessly flogged, and openly too,  by thugs.

Those who have been wrestled to the ground or given technical-knock-outs in the above political extreme-sports are ready-made materials for the nAPC, together with ‘thousands’ of their supporters!

One does not have to be a Professor Dudley to know that the fruit is ripe and only requires plucking or even allowed to fall on its own.

Whether Barage and his co-travelers have the credibility and shamelessness to form the nAPC is the question.  I believe that they can because in the Nigerian political space, everything goes.

But one thing bothers me: why can’t politicians obey the law they have willingly given themselves?

These political gymnastics  would not have been possible if the parties followed their own constitutions.

Also, when do we enact or implement the law that anybody who leaves his party leaves  whatever he obtained through the party?

These developments have confirmed what we all know all along; that APC was not and is not a political party but  a group of disparate and desperate individuals brought together by the love of filthy lucre.

But this development has also shamed the owners of the English language who had said that a rolling stone gathers no moss.

In this instance, those who rolled from PDP to nPDP to APC gathered a lot of moss, including senate presidency, powerful ministerial portfolios,  state emperorships, amongst others!

Even then, an nnPDP has emerged, disowning the ultimatum to APC; thieves are usually caught while sharing the loot! And Rufai has told them to do their worst, since APC would win without nPDP-in-APC

Those complaining now behaved like the goats in my village which follow whoever  flashes the palm-fronds before them.

In this case, the person with the palm fronds felt that the goats were becoming so well-fed and healthy that they forgot their ‘source’ and started behaving as if the chicken owns the hen. They felt that the goats have had enough and they withdrew the fodder and that is where we are.

Oyinlola has already resigned his board appointment from the APC (or CPC) Government and a few of them might follow suit. Oyinlola as a former Nigerian governor, has an inexhaustible war chest and so that was easy for him.

But I doubt if many, who are just eking some crumbs from this failed political partnership will follow his footsteps.  These are indeed interesting times and I await the nAPC.

The Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC] and the Nigerian Copyright Commission should please take not that  nAPC is wholly and fully, my invention!

My lawyers are on standby for any infraction, including Festus Keyamo, PMBs communication director, though I am afraid he might no longer have time for this petty brief.

But the  key question is: after nAPC, what next?

Ik Muo, PhD, Department of Business Administration, OOU, Ago-Iwoye

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