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From nPDP To rAPC: Spots In Other Peoples’ Feast

It is the lack of personal political ideology and principles in character that makes a group of politicians to be notorious with being spots in other people’s feast – they will not create their own feast but make out to spoil other people’s feast.

It is the lack of political principles and personal integrity that pushed the members of the nPDP to return to the rags they voluntarily discarded in 2014.

At that time the members of the nPDP dissolved into the APC, the nPDP became defunct, and picking the acronym back at this time, while being members of the APC throws the nPDP vomit-visitors up as an unprincipled and non-idealistic bunch of unstable politicians who hide under a stale selfish struggle to showcase themselves as nationalists while festering their stomachs.

Otherwise, why is their trademark nomadic travels always happening when general elections are scheduled? This is a vital question they need to answer. Nigerians would not be deceived any more by political opportunist dishing out political opportunism.

It should be made clear that the choice to discard the rag-garb of the nPDP, and adopt its twin patch, the rAPC, came shortly after it was pointed out to members of the nPDP that their assembly as men of a defunct organization reveals how they were never members of the APC in spirit in the first place, if not, how could they be insensitive enough to ignore how the APC is a body of political parties that came blending together as one mega party?

The nPDP members have no moral decency to continue as members of APC after showing that they never blended with the ruling party since they voluntarily sought political accommodation in the party.

It is unfortunate that while Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would singlehandedly create political party platforms to advance his political ideologies, people who want Nigerians to believe they are iroko-caliber politicians in Nigeria only always choose to be attachments in readymade political parties.

I hereby challenge the rAPC to leave the APC alone, form their own political party and meet the APC in 7 months time for the 2019 elections if they think they are politically stout in Nigeria.

It is cheap to go about as an association seeking refuge in well organized and well-funded political parties, with the intention to use stolen public money to exert authority and take absolute control of the party machineries, when no contribution was made to raise the party up.

This is what the nPDP members did when they joined the APC; and this is the same thing the rAPC will do in the party that will admit them without a political truce that should highlight the conducts expected of them in the new political party they aim to destroy this time around.

They are political scavengers: political party destroyers. They seek accommodation in a house and go about after to seek to be the landlords – which landlord would tolerate such criminality?

This was what they aimed at when they compromised John Oyegun in December 2014, and after sought a tenure elongation for him against all laid down rules and regulations for their smooth sail at remaining politically relevant. These bunch of politicians must be watched and finally frustrated.

And the truth of the unfortunate metamorphosis is in the fact that the formation of the rAPC is an afterthought. Unfortunately for these dying political interests, their formation of the rAPC came after Mr President shunned their demand for a talk with them, and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu told them in very clear terms that they will be swept out of the ruling party.

Asiwaju’s handwriting is clear on the wall, and since elections are very close, these men who have from 1999 held diverse political offices and are still hanging in, are on their political roadshow again to cling onto political relevance. Nigerians must deny them this continuity and let us see what they are good at apart from playing bad and vengeful politics to keep us down and out.

The greatest wonder in the rAPC is how Buba Galadima came to become a reformed APC member when he clearly abandoned his APC membership after it was clear to him that Bola Tinubu has stolen the political heart of President Buhari, shortly after the merger of the legacy parties?

Buba Galadima was the national secretary of the CPC, and he is an ethnic bigot. His opposition to President Buhari today arose because Mr President, a Fulani man like him, came around to trust a Yoruba man.

Buba Galadima left the APC during the early days of President Buhari’s administration because of Tinubu’s influence in the party, overturning and whittling his stronghold on President Buhari.

He has since worked behind the scene to lead that campaign that intended to cut Tinubu to size and he planted the cabal in the presidency: men from the CPC who saw him as their mentor, to destabilize and demonize this administration.

However, the good news for the APC, in their ousting of the nPDP members from the ruling party, is that the rubbish in the house is cleared out, and the hard nuts they have endured in the party are now left for the party that will admit them (bunch of goodly rid rubbishes) to crack.

It is good news that they have left the APC. Another wonder now is on how the rAPC house is showing signs of early collapse: Bukola Saraki was in Port Harcourt to drum up his presidential interest recently and went on to endorse Nyesom Wike for a second term in office.

The question now lies on what happens to Rotimi Amaechi as a member of the rAPC from Rivers State? No one should think of Amaechi staying back in the APC because he MUST leave the APC. He created the bad governance in this present administration.

It was his resistances that kept Mr. President’s ministerial list for upwards of 6 months because he desired to fill every political office with his PDP proselytes, in order to pave the way for his presidential bid in 2023, pretending that they contributed to Mr President’s victory in 2015.

He has died politically because of this failed ambition. Noteworthy too is the fact that it will be the 8th wonder in the world if the leader of the rAPC, Buba Galadima will allow Saraki to lead him into the PDP.

Nigerians should wait with much interest to see how an avowed northern conservative would embrace a political party with diverse economic interests like the PDP, more so, a party controlled and hamstrung by no other than Governor Nyesom Wike: a man with a very wild and weird ambition.

It is from this that the APC is assured that the victory of the party in the 2019 elections is very sure. The rAPC is a group of politician-suspects made ready to destroy any political party in Nigeria that would stand up against them to jail all thieves and murders in Nigeria’s political circuit.

What President Buhari must do as a matter of urgency, after having cut off the influence of members of the rAPC in the political structure of the ruling party, is to axe them from political influence in the federal executive council, and in his government.

He may not be able to do anything about the members of the rAPC in the national assembly but he must appreciate his office as the Commander in Chief of Nigeria’s armed forces, should there be any threat to our political advance as a nation.

It is possible for him to suspend all democratic structures and the constitution while he gives Nigerians a new beginning using the regimental powers of the office of the C-in-C to cure the present madness in the national assembly.

Nigeria’s political development is indeed getting very interesting. We are expecting a mass exodus of men on self-exile from 2019. God help us!

Ini Akpan Morgan writes from Uyo as Guest Columnist for PUO Reports.

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