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Nude pictures: Close personal encounter – by Emeka Ugwuonye


I was once set up for blackmail. I took a female acquaintance to my hotel. She lifted the bed cover off me, brought out phone, took pictures of my body.

I was once set up for blackmail in 2013 here in Nigeria. I took a female acquaintance back to my hotel. 

When she woke up in the morning, she thought I was asleep. She opened the window curtains for more light in the room. 

She lifted the bed cover off me. She brought out a different phone from her bag and began to take pictures of my body. 

I pretended to be asleep. In fact I began to snore. 

When she was done, she put the phone back in her bag and went inside the bathroom to have her shower. 

Immediately she closed the bathroom door and turned on the shower, I went to her bag and took the phone camera and hid it in the pillow case that I was lying on. 

I pretended to continue to sleep.

When she finished, she woke me up. That was when she thought I woke up. She told me she had to leave early because she had early morning appointment. 

I asked her if she wouldn’t have breakfast before leaving. And she said no. She said she would call me later and she left. 

I quickly scrutinized the phone. I won’t tell you what I found. But it wasn’t good.

As I expected, 15 minutes after she left, I heard a knock on my door and it was her. I told her to wait. I went into the bathroom and turned the bath water on. 

From the phone in the bathroom, I called the hotel security, requesting for two men and warning them of a serious security situation. 

When the security men arrived, I opened the door and the three entered my room at the same time. She had no idea I called the security. 

I told the security to search her for weapons, which they did. After I was sure she was not armed, I asked the security people to leave and they left.

I then asked her why she came back so soon. She said she wanted to know if I had her second phone. 

I asked her why she took pictures of me nude. And about the picture of other men, including a senator, in her camera file on her phone. 

She couldn’t say a word. Instead, she knelt down and began to beg me. 

I told her to help me turn off the bath water in the bathroom because I wanted her to see that the bathtub was full.

When she came out of the bathroom, I explained to her what I was “planning” to do. I was going to drown her in the bathtub. 

Then I would go downstairs for a long breakfast. And I would come back to my room to discover her drowned in the bathtub. 

Many witnesses would confirm that I was in restaurant the time she drowned.

She believed me. After all, the bathtub was full of water for no other apparent reason. She started crying and confessing. 

She really believed I was going to kill her. It was somebody else that set her up on me. 

It took them a month to perfect the plan and for her to end up in my hotel room. 

She told me they needed my compromising pictures so bad they paid her the highest amount she had ever received just for my pictures. 

They paid her more for my pictures than they paid her for the pictures of a senator. 

She was an incredibly beautiful woman and exquisite. Also, apparently, she played in the big circles.

Well, I didn’t drown her in the bathtub. It ended differently. 

But she had to give me the money she collected for my pictures and she had to forgo her phone.

NOTE: I can already see the presumptions that can be made by those who can’t read English well. 

This lady took a whole month to befriend me and to get close enough to be invited to my room .

Emeka Ugwuonye


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