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Nyesom Wike eager to welcome Gov. Obaseki to PDP

The governor of Rivers State, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike has expressed eagerness to welcome his Edo State counterpart, Godwin Obaseki, joins the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).

Governor Wike disclosed this while speaking with journalists on Monday at the Government House in Port-Harcourt, the state capital.

Speaking, Nyesom Wike said: “Ordinary, I would not speak on it but the NGF has become a toothless bulldog that can only bark and not bite.

“It is quite unfortunate that I belong to such a forum. Nobody seems to respect the Governors Forum again because we have given ourselves out”

Obaseki is a member of the APC, I campaigned against him in 2016 but how can you say a sitting governor is being disqualified because some of his certificates are defective?

“He was presented by the National Chairman of APC, when he was governor.

“I was watching a video where Adams Oshiomhole described him as a product of Nigeria’s premier university, who went to the US and came back with a masters degree.”

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki

On the outcome of their meeting yesterday, Nyesom Wike said: “Yes, he came to see me yesterday; both of us are South-south governors.

“We sat down and discussed issues, seek opinions and compared notes.

“He has not said he wants to come to PDP; he is meeting with us and holding discussions to determine, but I will be happy if he comes.”

Lamenting the treatment meted out against Obaseki by the All Progressives Congress(APC), Wike said

“If you ask me if I am happy about the way he was disqualified, how can I be happy? How can you disqualify a sitting governor?

“You asked a Commissioner to screen a sitting governor and disqualify him.

“Since 2015 when the APC took over leadership of the Governor’s Forum, everything died; the forum is is not what we used to have. It used to be a powerful forum.

“The APC has killed it and the forum is now focused on the interests of the ruling party, instead of focusing on good governance and interest of Nigeria and Nigerians.”

“When the IG withdrew my security aides and exposed me to danger, the Governors did not say anything.

“Yari was the NGF President and a member of the APC.

“I told them that they’re being captured, and today the forum has become a Beggars Forum because they have to beg for everything.”

Wike also lambasted the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) and the Progressive Governors Forum for their silence over Obaseki’s ordeal.

Obaseki was disqualified from the Edo State APC primary election that will produce a candidate for the party ahead of the September governorship race.

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