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Obasanjo Speaks on Sani Abacha Loot, Ibori, Others



“… In the process, making enquiries and working with NSA’s office we made contact with Enrico Monfrini a Swiss lawyer who knew his onions. I refused to pay any money upfront for his work. He would be paid from what he recovered as follows: 

1. From $1 to $500 million at 4%

2. From $500 million to $1 billion 3 %

3. From $1 billion 2.5%

Enrico signed an MOU and went to work. By the time I left government in May 2009 over $2 billion and £100 million had been recovered from the Abacha family abroad and well over N10 billion in cash and property locally! All were paid to the public treasure through CBN”

== My Watch vol 2 page 494 by Olusegun Obasano, OBJ

Obasanjo on Ibori

“In the case of Ibori, the investigation report showed that Ibori had stolen between $200 and $250 Million from Delta state. I invited Ibori for discussions and told him I would settle for $200 million. I also told him I would make an allowance for $50 million having been spent on elections and frivolities. He had to refund $150 million to Delta state through the CBN. ….he seemed to agree… Then started prevaricating. I mounted pressure on him and one day he took $15 million in cash to Nuhu….he expected Nuhu to keep the money. Nuhu reported the matter to me…..”

My Watch vol 2 page 482 by Obasanjo 

OBJ on Nigeria airways

“When I left government in 1979 the Nigerian Airways had 32 aircrafts flying, including one wide body. By the time I came back in 1999 there was only one aircraft flying with huge debts by the airline. According to the report of the inquiry……. Board members would establish an offshore company in Guernsey, where the aircrafts would be sent for repairs with all the expenses fully paid. The offshore company would then contract the repair and maintenance of the aircraft to the proper professional company but the offshore company would not pay for the serviced rendered. In the end the aircraft would be seized resulting in double loss to Nigeria”

My Watch vol 2 page 363 by OBJ

OBJ ON Nigerian Shipping lines

“The Shipping lines were no different. In addition to 5 ships owned by NNSL 19 new ones were specially built by my military administration…….by the time I came back in 1999 the National shipping line had been liquidated.

“The story of one of the ships that I had to attend to immediately after my inauguration was painfully revealing. The ship was sold for $500,000. When the same Govt that sold it for that sum wanted a ship trainer for the Maritime Academy Oron it bought the same ship $2.5 million without any maintenance or repairs to the ship. To make it seaworthy a sum of $1.5 million was spent on it. On its first voyage it was arrested at its first port of call as not sea worthy. I was told we had to pay $1 million to get it released…….”

My Watch vol 2 page 364 by OBJ

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