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Obaseki’s men trying to swindle him over documentary on Oshiomhole — Mayaki

Former Executive Director, Media Affairs to Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, Prince John Mayaki has dismissed moves by a former Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Kabiru Adjoto to release a documentary exposing the “dark side” of Oshiomhole when he held sway as governor of the state.

Adjoto, who described Oshiomhole as his long-time political confidant, said the documentary would expose the APC Chairman’s “dirty malfeasance in his days as governor of Edo State,” alleging how the former governor mismanaged the Edo Central Hospital contract and the N30 billion Benin Storm Water project.

However, in a statement yesterday, Mayaki who is now a Professional Consultant on Communication, Management and Strategy, said, “there is a contest among the leeches and hangers-on of the embattled Godwin Obaseki on who will get the fattest share of the illegal cake the governor has declared for anyone willing to trade his voice, dignity and reputation by lowering into the septic tank, alongside roaches and other earthly scums, to swim in dirt and rub same on other people as they try, fruitlessly so, to bargain for another four years after a previous one of no show.”

He said “from some people who were against the governor in 2016, but are now hopping from one media station to another in defense of the same man even though his evil premonitions years ago have all fully manifested, to countless other social media actors ranting and shouting as if they are personally bereaved, everyone is engaged in the war of how to get the governor.

This man, rumored to be from Kogi State where he reigned as a chief thug, a skill he brought to bear in the full glare of the world when he, acting as lead hooligan, kicked and broke chairs in a fracas staged inside the chambers of the Edo Assembly, is apparently the most animated in Obaseki’s assemblage of buffoons in his journey to a self-inflicted political apocalypse” he added.

According to Mayaki, Adjoto’s devotion to Obaseki is driven by two things: “an opportunity to extract funds from a desperate man willing to do anything and a crippling fear of life outside of government protection after years of committing crimes and perfecting the books.

As Speaker, Kabiru Adjoto, a stark illiterate with very little substance in the way of sense however, common, perfidiously stripped the Assembly he led of any independence and colluded with Godwin Obaseki to abuse processes and cheat the public. Under his watch, fake contracts were slipped into the budget and passed, hidden loans were secured and diverted, the law was implemented at the discretion of the governor without consequences, and the House of Assembly served at the pleasure of the governor instead of the voting public and the people of Edo State.

“It is in character for Kabiru Adjoto to dwell in the dark for he is a soulless man of darkness with no single ray of light in his life. But he must understand that Adams Oshiomhole is out of reach and not in the same realm as him.

“If Adjoto is out of thuggery business considering that Obaseki has reportedly found another fixer in that sector, he can turn his attention to his own life and wonder why at his age, he remains nothing but an errand boy, sent to cover the mess of others at the expense of his freedom, reputation, and life.

What he is avoiding will befall him, no doubt. But before then, let everyone pay attention now so that when Adjoto answers for his crimes, there shall be no foul cry or needless tears of sympathy”, he added.

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