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Obi Does Not Use Statistical Data Recklessly — Spokesman

Defends figures reeled out during VP Debate


Media Adviser to the Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Peter Obi, has called on Nigerians to disregard those going about debunking, as incorrect, the data used by Mr. Peter Obi to support his points during the 2018 Vice Presidential Debate.

Mr. Valentine Obienyem said that engaging in what he called “statistical fallacy” was a mark of persons without honour and insisted that Mr. Obi did not do so during the debate as “the sources of all the facts/statistics he put forward could easily be verified”.

In a statement he issued on Monday, Obienyem said he did not blame those that accused the former Anambra State Governor of statistical error or suspects that he was guilty of that.

That is because the way, according to him, “he reeled out this statistics was enough to raise and justify those falsehoods – use of wrong statistics.”

“To make the matter clear”, Obienyem itemised all the points that Obi made during the debate and gave the source of Obi’s data, which he challenged those doubting their authenticity to verify.

Part of the release reads: “During the debate, Obi said that Nigeria used over 50% of her revenue to service debt.

“This can be verified from DMO’s 2017 reports on Nigeria’s debt stock and total debt service.

“Obi said the country’s total debt stock was N22.7 trillion, about USD80 billion. This can be verified from DMO’s June 2018 report on Nigeria’s debt stock.

“Obi said that Mexico’s GDP was over USD1 trillion and its GDP per capita was over USD8,000. This can be verified from World Bank report.

Obi said that South Africa’s stock market capitalisation was USD900 billion. This can be verified from Stock Market Clock.

Obi said that Nigerian bank loans made up 15% of GDP. This can be verified from the World Bank source.

“Obi said that Nigeria had the highest number of the poor at 87 million – growing by 6 persons per minute.

“This can be verified from Brookings Institute publication, “The start of a new poverty narrative” published by Homi Kharas, Kristofer Hamel, and Martin Hofer on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

Obi said that Nigeria’s Human Development Index (HDI) ranking moved from 152 – 157. This can be verified HERE.

Obi said that the Misery Index in Nigeria worsened. This can be verified from CATO.

Obi said that the FG budgeted N340 billion on health and paid over N1 trillion on PMS subsidy. Education budget was about N400 billion. This can be verified HERE.

Obi said that the ease of doing business ranking was currently at 146. This can be verified from  world bank.

“Obi said that China created 7.2 million jobs within first 6 months in 2018. This can be verified from ChinaDaily.

Obi said that Nigeria’s 4,000 MW electricity generation was too low. This can be verified from NigeriaElectricityHub.

Obienyem,  whose original report contained the sources of  all the data Obi used, submitted that apart from the knowledge he gained through life studded with experience, that on leaving office, Obi had the privilege of going to the best schools in the world to upgrade his knowledge of global  economics, among other issues that have prepared him more than others vying for the post of the Vice President.

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