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Obiano: 2 hidden agenda for today’s APGA stakeholder’s meeting

The Anambra state governor, Wilie Obiano’s agenda are listed below, however, there are other

issues the masses should consider.

1. Willie Obian’s Agenda are:

A) To get who is who in Anambra State and make them pass VOTE OF CONFIDENCE. 

B) Arranged one person to say that Anambra not on bail out, paying salaries, Security, work going on, salary being paid. One person will come up and say the need to support him by Vote of Confidence. 

C) Chido will now come out and say if you support raise your hands. Nobody expected not to raise hands during such a function and scenario (You know what I mean here). 

D) Get them sign signatures of attendance against their names to be used for massive advertisement in newspapers as those that passed confidence vote..

E) Show video of what he has done in Anambra, most of which will be other people’s projects..(Anambrarians are not fools).

F) Show Anambra people hundreds of MoUs he has signed..

G) To deceive Anambra people that he is receiving lesser monthly allocation, as an excuse for stoppage of work on many contracts, which is not true for he receives higher. The last monthly allocation for Anambra State were over 10 Billion and over 6 Billion (State and LGA, make your inquiry).

H) Plans to tell Anambra people of the likelihood of taking loan or raising bonds, over which he recently visited the Stock Exchange..

I) Plans to make comments on the 75 Billion Cash and Investment ) Obi left for him.


A) Let Gov. Obiano tell Anambra people in black and white the status of the 75 Billion left for him.

B) Let him tell us the amount of money he has also saved for the State.

C) Let him explain to debt of 100 Billion to contactors, when they were not owed as at 17th of March, 2014.

D) Let him explain the abandonment of all on-going projects as well as the ones he flagged off.

E) He promised three power plants for the State, How far?

F) He should explain the variation from 5 Billion to 15 Billion on the 3 planless flyovers he is constructing in Awka.

G) He should explain why over 90% of his Aides are from Aguleri, including his brothers and Sisters, does it mean they were idle until he became Governor? Not those Aides were idle before appointment, but how would he explain that all his Sisters and brothers are Assistant this and that.

H) He should explain to us while he prefers chartering flights and staying in the most expensive hotels.

I) He should explain the reason for 1 Billion Naira security vote monthly.

J) He should explain the 250 Million Naira monthly for office of the First Lady.

K) He should explain the over 1 billion Naira spent on Christmas decoration and buying of horses..

– Nadis writes from Awka 

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