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Obiano assembles “N75bn protesters”, to pay them N10,000 each


Photo shows Peter Obi ad Obiano when the going was still good

*Train of events in my state on Tuesday Report Card*

*Near Cash, the latest slang for 75 billion Naira inheritance?*

My governor, I bring you greetings and good wishes.

My old man said “nwanne onye na agba ajo egwu ,oko iku ana ako ya” [when your brother is dancing badly and disgracefully in the public ,you will be irritated and your eye brows will be itching and twitching ].

 The SSG broke my soul and spirit , how can he tell the world that you are incompetent ? How can he open the same mouth that he uses to ruo aruru ani with umu azi and say that you my governor is a fraud?

The same ‘you’ we sold to the voting population as first class auditor that worked with TEXACO as first black man , now after the SSG said for 2 years you were unable to understand  what you inherited wasn’t cash of 75 billion , he said and I quote: “It was a near cash” , the problem was that I called my account officer and demand an overdraft of 50 million “near cash” , he asked me to explain again what I mean by “near cash” and I said , I want an overdraft of” 50 million near cash” , he said “which one is near cash” and  I simply said , I will call you back.” That was what your SSG who maybe under threat was used to describe the legacy left for you .

The shame is not on Peter Obi nor his administration after all , he has the records and the banks were the money were kept are still working and digital and it will be simple investigation or court order and they will authenticate copies of what was left , what was withdrawn by you and what was the current debt or balance , so the lies is simply childish .

What we expected the SSG who is holding brief for you to do was to get a statement from bank which you obtained after takeover and brandish it before the press. That way, when Peter Obi brandish his own, the two will be evidence and EFCC will use both and know who is heading straight to jail for forgery, as we know when the heat is up , this SSG shall be used as sacrificial lamb , his press conference will be denied as usual , like the government  did when they accused Obi and Jonathan of signing the core 47 pact and on so many occasions .    

It did not diminish sir peter obi, not one bit, after all the first time the state used AIT, channels and abs , where the government spent over 250 million naira trying to paint Obi black by inciting hatred against him by playing on those stations a DVD excerpt which provides obi saying he is not going to leave APGA and he left , but the same stations did not also expose that it was you and Victor Umeh before the presence of bishops asked Peter Obi to leave APGA and he left.

Tat gave room for various visit to Ojukwu’s tomb to report a beloved son who gave our icon a life none of his children gave to him and at death ,the rock  gave him world class burial  , but tomb raider went crying and wailing ,which infuriated the dead icon and he turned his back on the tomb raider making way for Iyom to humiliate and retire him from active politics , but I digress .

Then the second time the state spent  500 million in producing video disc which was titled “the inconsistent of a drunk” , the bishops , market leaders , women leaders were summoned to the governors lodge even the Igwes were not left out , they came separately to watch a movie and after watching the movie they were paid , all to hate Obi; but my surprise was that all those plot was to diminish him before the past election , but that election he trounced our party so bad that I started thinking that our party is gone but the shocker was how tribunals looked at the elections in the state and declare with all honesty that there is inconsistent of a party in my state; and now APGA is waving bye-bye to annals of democracy , which we the heart and soul will not allow to happen. We want our party back , enough of the charade . APGA must be back to the hands of the faithful and not those that joined to usurp the positions of the core APGANs .

Now 2017 is about to heat up ,despite the fact that the only thing we ndi APGA will brandish as our exploit ,against what obi used to win his third term which he bestowed on you  ,he used his works in all the communities both on roads, health , education , ndi Igwe , ndi bishops , markets , security and people voted for him with pleasure , but what we will use to campaign is.

– We brought abattoir where we will force butchers out of business by making them to pay to our business partner from Germany 80,000 naira for the slaughter of one cow.

– We sold all the hotels obi started and almost complete for the state ,we sold them to companies we have controlling interest and they paid not even a dime for the purchase.

– We sold Onitsha shopping mall to cardinal developers without them paying kobo to the state and because they are our proxy.

– We enjoy over 50 Prado jeeps in our convoy and same number on the fleet of the first lady. not counting the police out riders that lead the 50 jeep convoy.

– We increased tax  so much that businesses are dying in drove but we care less

– We signed over 350 MoU and none has started or will ever start

– We got supplementary budget within 3 months of coming to power because we used the budget on self-luxury.

– We also took another supplementary budget within 4 months of the second budget.

– We have been taking over draft to pay salaries having the foreign currency Obi saved as collateral.

Now we took 10 billion naira loan about a month today without having the mandate of the house of assembly and that also has gone , so we are about to get another 25 billion which we will use as Christmas bonanza  and to make the state not to worry ,we must cry that obi left us no money sorry that he left us near cash .

I checked with my auditor to explain what is near cash and he said near to what?

Back to the SSG saying that you inherited near cash , it means he is saying with astute decorum that you are a fraud .Now I won’t be surprise if opponents should now investigate the so called job with TEXACO. They will demand to know which address in TEXACO you worked, from which year-duration , who employed you , who was your work mate out there ?

Then they may want to know was it after you worked with Fidelity or before?  When they start asking such probing questions , imalu na aru emeee .

Imagine if they venture to ask those that worked with you at fidelity bank and then got some expose on the account you handled and get to know that all of them were linked to fraudulent proxies ,it means that all the packaging that we did ,all the marketing we did will go down the drain.

Imagine if they investigate your days at fidelity and discover that twice were you put on sack notice and twice were letter of sack prepared for you , all this will give APGA  a very bad name .

How can the SSG say that you do not know what is left for you? I am sure he did not discuss this with you before he meet the press , if not you should’ve told him how you begged governor obi not to tell the world how much  cash he was leaving for you the day he gave you copy of the handover note , as you said on that day “after all we are from same party and in spirit of brotherhood , no need to tell the people ”.  

Sir, I want to look at the loan we took about 1 month ago without approval from the House of Assembly. The implication is daring and the house may be hungry and without balls but one day there maybe 4 of them that can start the push or start asking the right question.

Today your team assembled another cry wolf protest, where set of women will assemble at the fee of 10,000 each but I am sure they won’t receive more than 500 naira each and your SSA on asiri will pocket the rest as usual .They were asked to cry wolf that peter did not leave any money , but they will not demand to know where you get all the money you’ve been spending  and then they will ask you to take loans .They will not mention that Peter Obi… imagine bank fidelity imagine fidelity how i assembly house sir ,i today the i they peter they peter obi never took one penny loan but left you a hefty 75 billion which has gone with the wind and now with the story .

Also the media are not left out they were paid to sing and chant the 75 billion and none of them dare asked why the astronomical increase on the tax in the state and other outrageous demands and drive that is killing the state and her business .

My problem is not the money we are wasting on denying the money Obi left behind because that man is like Ugbana , even if you pour him charcoal he will come out whither than before ,but I am pissed that the speed we are taking this loan , we will end up beating Lagos State were Fashola left 1 trillion naira debt and yet Ambode is not crying wolf , nor Akwa Ibom where the new governor met debt of over 600 billion naira and he still worship at the feet of his predecessor .

The matter that will be troubling the state is ,the governor that said he met 9 billion naira cash and another 26 billion near cash is not grateful but has started borrowing , and he said he was ICAN certified; it will start giving us goose pimples for anyi abago motor bu nshi for real.

Before I move out of that ugly incident , let me go back to the exco of last week ,when they showed you my expose about the ongoing exco and you shouted –mole ! mole !! mole !!! .

Sir , I was angry that up till now you are still looking for a mole . You sacked all the media men in your convoy accusing them of being the mole , the drivers too , then all that worked with Obi has all gone excerpt the young man who is advising you on finance, sorry, on how to borrow money and who you promised the office of the deputy governor come next election , as long as he become your in-law .

Sir, those people you suspect of been mole , how many of them know about the billion naira house in Ikoyi bought with the name of that transporter ? How many of them know about the Dubai house and London house ? How many of them know about the facial episode ?

How many of them know about the payments to contractors and nailed it down to exact amount promised and the one paid?

The issue was that your media misfit and your SSA on asiri said I am not readable ,that they have me by the balls ,that they can roll over me ,I am simply showing them that they can never in their life grow up to me ,yes ,that is a fact .

Your Excellency, my governor , since your SSG started this mudslinging , I will recall my old man and his wise saying “dibia gburu onye na agworo ya ogwu ,ndi na ako ya nsi agwula ?” [the king that kill his rain maker should ask if his enemies have gone extinct  ] ,we still remember how Ifeanyi Ubah did the inexcusable during the debate and from what I heard ,he is getting ready to come out again and with his financial muscles and penchant of catching cheats ,I am sure that 2017 will be a Hollywood movie .

Then Sir Victor Umeh is waiting for dying minute to step in for a pay back , since you did not deliver him according to agreement ,he boasted that he will pay you back.

We cannot forget that obiri Ohamadike aka na ani is still around the corner with hands akimbo and the state are waiting for her to say the magic word , then the chorus of  “Iyom, Iyom, Iyom ka anyi ga eso ,ma ona eje eje ,ma ona ana ana ,iyom ka anyi ga eso” will rent the air .

Sir ,read my lips ,Chief Sir Peter Obi remains the oracle of Ndi Igbo and whoever he anointed gets an edge over others and now that you  have gone this far ,I am sure that not even the bishops or ndi Igwe will have the boldness to step in  again for another charade of peace .

Sir , as I am singing out I will say –what Rambo said in his movie the First Blood “you drew the first blood” and with that we are looking forward to 2017 with great anticipation .

Mazi Oderaigbo

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