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Obiano Colludes With Anambra Speaker To Sack Commissioner Who Exposed Corruption

Commissioner for Commerce and Industry and Wealth Creation, Hon. Uchenna Okafor On a Mission Impossible to Ayamelum

The Commissioner for Commerce and industry and Wealth Creation was at Omor cap in hand to the traditional ruler of Omor in Ayamelum local government seeking to mend fences.

The people of Ayamelum were pained when the governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano called the current Speaker of Anambra State Assembly and asked him to recommend a replacement for Dr. Christian Madubuko, the current Commissioner for transport.

The sin of Dr. Madubuko was that he exposed the criminal activities going on in the revenue sector in Anambra State with the acid support of Mrs Obiano.

Another sin is that he has the audacity to indict Mrs Obiano and prove through documentation that the wife of the governor of Anambra state is the reason behind the woeful performance in the revenue sector in 2019.

He was able to establish the link between the commissioner for commerce and industry, Dr. Nzekwu and Anyanyo and their leader Mrs Obiano.

Madam governor made sure that eighty percent (80%) of all generated revenues in the state goes to her pocket using her boyfriend Uchenna Okafor as his front.

The like of Dr. Nzekwu currently enjoying himself abroad and Anyanyo who keeps launching new vehicles almost every month, are the other friends working directly with the agberos killing the government of Anambra State.

Do we sit and watch these thieves steal our commonwealth? Ayamelum Frontiers for democracy and good governance reiterates our call for the sack of commissioner of commence and industry and Dr Nzekwu. We will never rest until the revenue sector is sanitized. We call on the governor to do the needful

It is disheartening that Mrs Obiano will support such a roguish Wiper to be in charge of the ministry of transport, ministry of commerce and industry and also in charge of the revenue commission in Anambra State.

Why will a woman be so callous and wicked that she want the government under her husband to fail. What is her gain now that the state IGR has nosdived by fifty percent (50%)?

We as a group want the spokesperson to Madam governor, Mr. Ozumba who has been urinating on social media to deny that the Internal generated revenue of Anambra state in 2019 did not shrink by 50%.

We want him to deny that Mrs Obiano is not building an automobile spare parts factory at Awkuzu with Commissioner for Commerce and industry.

We want him to deny that Wiper is not sleeping with Mrs. Obiano. Hard facts and evidence awaits such denials.

Can he deny that Dr. Nzekwu does not have plans to tax the Catholic Church and other churches in Anambra State?

I want Ozumba to deny that Mrs Obiano did not appoint 80% of the commissioners in Anambra State.

I want him to deny that a telephone call was placed to the Speaker of Anambra State Assembly directing him to nominate a replacement for Commissioner for transport.

Any of these denials will force us to follow this expose with evidences that will not only sink the state but also will force relevant agencies to investigate this rubbish going on in Anambra state.

Again we call on all relevant stakeholders in Anambra state to quickly intervene and set the state free from the biggest monster in the form of Mrs Obiano who has vowed to bring Anambra State to her knees due to insatiable appetite for wealth.

Failure to do this will force us to expose more on properties acquired all over the world by Dr. Nzekwu, Commissioner for commerce and industry and that of Madam governor. Let it be known that we have the capacity to do all we have said here.

The only saviour to the government of Anambra state will be to sack the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry and Dr. Nzekwu.

The government must as a matter of urgency sanitise the state revenue sector. Time is ticking.

Barr. Fabian Anigbogu
Cor-ordinator Ayamelum Frontiers for Democracy and Good Governance.

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