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Obiano destabilizing Oraukwu for 2017 campaign funds


Obiano is destabilizing Oraukwu

The action of  Governor Willie Obiano of rudely and brutishly barging into the process of emergence of a traditional ruler of Oraukwu Community in Idemili North Local Government Area of the state for reasons connected with his elusive re-election bid in 2017 gubernatorial elections is abominable and condemnable.

The people of Idemili North are particularly displeased that Governor Obiano who has no history of such interventions in his Aguleri town, Anambra East Local Government and Anambra North Senatorial Zone is doing this vulgar show of power for the second time in Idemili area and for the thirds time in Anambra Central senatorial zone.

Obiano did so in Alor town when he stepped in to choose his own traditional ruler against the wish of the community ,spurred on by one powerful stakeholder who at the time made him a false promise that he held the key to the federal government repaying Anambra State for some projects done in the state.

Obiano later interfered to install a traditional ruler with whom he shared political affiliation in Amanuke community in Awka North LGA. 

That traditional ruler is so today only in the dusty files of the state ministry of local Government, as the community does not recognize him, yet government gave him a certificate.

In the latest onslaught, Obiano was urged to interfere on the side of the minority, against the wish of the community by five stakeholders who have pledged specifics amounts totaling N1.5bn to his campaign funding next year.

We hold that the steps taken by government in no being on one pace with the community over which the traditional ruler will reign and which had made their choice in the matter is regrettable and ought not to be entertained from those who hold the mandate of Ndi Anambra at the state level , whether by hook or crook.

We stand with the Oraukwu Community in their bid to assert their right to choose their king, and advise Gov. Obiano that it is not too late in the day to pull back, retrace his steps and stop dividing to rule Anambra communities where he is supposed to create peace.

We urge the Anambra State House of Assembly to specifically review the laws for emergence of traditional rulers and remove anything that remotely empowers a governor to destabilize communities he is not part of, a vice that arose from previous APGA government in Anambra State and is being elevated to a policy of government under Obiano’s confused government.

We dare say that matters like this are more clearly avoidable when elected local governments are in place as an appointed Local Government impostor from Oraukwu, who was usurping power in the Ogidi Secretariat of Idemili LGA may have laid the foundation for the current imbroglio.

We therefore, once again, urge the people of Idemili North to rise and strongly demand to elect their government in the LG to stop any form of Aguleri colonization.

In the meantime we advise security agencies in Anambra State to take pro-active steps on the side of the people to avert breakdown of law and order in the otherwise peaceful community of Oraukwu.


Sam Barry-White Udah

LG Publicity Secretary

Idemili North LGA,

Ogidi, Anambra State


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