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Obiano gives 85 million naira to Aguleri group

Anambra signs N8.5bn MOU for 300 Housing Units with Aldove Limited

It is no longer gainsaying that the reason Governor Obiano gave the initial 60 million naira and later added another 25 million naira to Orient For Democracy was to plot, calculate and execute a solid character assassination against former governor Peter Obi on phase 1 basis.

Orient For Democracy is an Aguleri group founded to carry out the sworn act of “Finishing Obi And His Family”.

After all former Governor Obi did not set a great governance pace for his predecessor to match.

He simply build a tower that will take only somebody like Oseloka Obaze to climb close to it ,hence the incumbent did not even attempt to Pursue it , because he consider it an impossible task ,then he must tarnish him , that way he can part self at the back and say “I Finished Him” . 

The First Mistake from Obi was to leave behind a grounded economy, best road network and over 75 billion Naira and thereby making Gov Obiano to behave like son of a billionaire [sons of billionaires seldom add anything to the wealth, instead they try all they can to see if they will finish the money left behind on careless and useless spending]

Anambra signs N8.5bn MOU for 300 Housing Units with Aldove Limited

A few days ago the news of another 8.5 Billion Naira MoU was released by Gov. Obiano’s people. 

“Also speaking, the Chairman and Managing Director of Aldove Limited, Chief Maja Umeh said the decision to bring the investment to the State was motivated by their resolve to support the developmental agenda of the Obiano administration due to the Governor’s efforts to create a sustainable investment environment in the State.” 

I am sure when this amount is added to the last amount they are bandying, it will be over 4 billion dollars Obiano attracted. 

This is how they go about bandying figures. 

With the picture (attached), of the MD of the company, Chief Maja Umeh, one can see how hopeless these people are.

Maja Umeh served in Peter Obi’s Government as Commissioner for Information.

When I read that news I thought it was another Maja Umeh, until I saw the picture and it was the same Maja Umeh “Okwo Aka Amichi”.

I check again if the 8.5 billion is Zimbabwean Dollar but lo and behold it was not and that was when I know that this people are taking this jokes too far in reality .

Mazi Odera

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