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Obiano: Leadership Driven By Excellence – My Comments


Obiano received the Sun Governor of the year Award, which he procured after paying sun the sum of N150m. To celebrate it, he chartered planes and buses that conveyed multitude from Anambra to Lagos… All the hotels within Ikoyi were all fully booked for 5 days.

On Saturday, the 20th of February 2016, Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra received the Sun Governor of the year Award, which he procured after paying sun the sum of 150 million Naira (N150,000, 000). 

To celebrate it, he chartered planes and buses that conveyed multitude from Anambra to Lagos.  They started arriving on Tuesday, the 16th of February, 2016. All the hotels within Ikoyi such as Villa Angelia, Southern Sun, Protea, Colonnades, among others were all fully booked for 5 days by Anambra Government because of the event.

From that Tuesday, Obiano started visiting the homes of prominent people from Anambra with drinks and envelopes, wooing them to attend his Town Hall meeting at the Muson centre on Friday. It paid.

Today, Sunday, the 21st of Feb, 2016, the above named document was inserted in the Sun newspaper.  The document contains interviews by his Commissioners and aides. As usual, it was a cocktail of lies.


Lie 1: Page 1 says that Obiano has transformed Onitsha, including from Head Bridge to upper Iweka.

My Reaction: Obiano is yet to do anything in Onitsha. All the roads, including the Head Bridge –Upper Iweka were all done by Mr. Peter Obi. Obi did all the roads in gra, built the 2 stadia, attracted SABMiller, did Onitsha North Local Govt Headquarters, did and secured accreditation for Onitsha General Hospital, did the lodge at Onitsha, gave 100million to Onitsha people for the beautification of Zik’s round about, got the federal govt to start the canals,  among many others. I challenge Obiano’s people to tell us in specific terms what Obiano did at Onitsha

Lie 2: In page 5, they said that work is ongoing on Nando-Igbariam and Ndiukwuenu roads

My Reaction: These roads were awarded and mobilisation paid by Mr. Peter Obi. Today they are all abandoned. In fact the oyibo people doing the Ndiukwuenu road have since left the site. They said they had not received kobo from govt since Obi left office.

Lie 3: The said that abandoned projects have no place in Anambra state

My Reaction: List of roads started by Obi and Obiano that are abandoned today

Roads Started by Obi and Abandoned by Obiano

1. Reconstruction of Abube Square Nando- Afor – Igbariam(Additional Road Spur to Nkwo Nando Square)

2. Construction of Abba – Ifitedunu Road, Njikoka/Dunukofia LGA

3. Construction of Udeaja Junction- Affia Nkwo Market – Urezi Road, Ozubulu, Ekwusigo LGA

4. Reconstruction of Omor – Umumbo Road Ayamelum Local Government Area

5. Construction of Access Road to Civil Servants Housing Estate,Isiagu

6. Construction of Ozzu Umunachi Road

7. Construction of Ugwunwasike – Azu Ogbunike – Amawa – Osile – Ifite – Umueri – St Monica – College Road

8. Amansea – Ndiukwuenu – Okpeze- Amaeteiti- Awgbu Road Phase 1

9. Amansea – Ndiukwuenu – Okpeze- Amaeteiti- Awgbu Road and bridge

10. Reonstruction of Access Road to AUSCO farms Ltd Agu – Awka

11. Construction of Nteje- Umunya Road

12. Reconstruction of Enugu/ Anambra State Boundary- Agu Awka Road

13. Reconstruction of Amawbia to Amansea Federal Road

14. Construction of Jetty/ Roads within the Naval Base and Roads Between Atani Roads.

15. Reconstruction of Anambra State Integrated Livestock Farm Nkwelle Ezunaka

16. Construction of Achina Oneh Agbudu Ogboji

17. Reconstruction of Goodwill Road Okpuno Awka

18. Reconstruction of Aguluzigbo Roads

19. Construction of Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital Neni- Adazi Ani Road

20. Bishop Okonkwo Road (Ichi) to Nkwo Edo Market and Emeka Okwuosa/Emeka Offor Road to St Michael Secondary School Ozubulu/ NAUTH Road Junction

21. Construction of Ideani-Uke- Umuoji Road and Bridge

22. Construction of Access Roads at the Greenwood City, Awka

23. Reconstruction of Bida Road and Okwei Street Onitsha

24. Reconstruction of Umudioka to Ogbunike Cave Road with Spur to Girls Secondary School Umudioka (St. Kizito Girls Secondary)

25. Reconstruction of Ekwulobia Ezinifite Road

26. Reconstruction of Isuofia – Umuona – Nanka Road with Spur.

27. Reconstruction of Abube Square Nando – Afor Igbariam Road.

28. Construction of ABS Awka Road to Governors Lodge,Ring Road,Road Widening /Parking Lot

29. Atani – Ozubulu Roads Part 1 Km 0+000 -5+560

30. Nkwo Market Square – Umuoji Micro Finance Bank Ekeagu Abatete Road

31. Amansea – Ndiukwuenu (Phase 1 & 2)

32. Construction of Okpuno – Urum – Amanuke – Achalla Road with spur to Paul University Science School

33. Construction of Ogboefere via Obodoukwu Junction by Onitsha Asaba Express Road with spur to C.Uba Close Niger Bridge Head Industrial Layout Ogbaru

34. Construction of G.O. Ibekwe Road Off Kenneth Dike Library Okpuno

35. Construction of Onwurah – Ogechukwu Road Awka

36. Reconstruction of Onitsha – Atani-Osammala-Ogwuikpele road

37. Amansea-Ebenebe-Ugbenu-Ugbene-Awba Ofemili Road

38. Extension of Ekwulobia – Nkpologwu – Akpo – Achina -Umuchu Road

What of other projects such as:

1. Agulu lake Hotel

2. Onitsha Hotel and Convention centre (Sold and bought by CARDINAL DEVELOPERS –The Owners should remove Mask)

3. Onitsha Shopping mall

4. Nnewi Shopping Mall

5. Awka Shopping mall

It is on record that most of the contractors handling these roads received last payment under Obi.

In plain language, Anambra is broke and can only pay salaries now. Contractors now owned over 80 Billion naira.”

Roads Started by Obiano and abandoned by Obiano

1. Construction of Aguleri Uno- Aguleri Otu- Enugu Otu- Oil Rig Road Junction Anambra State and Bridge No 2 

2. Construction of Spur- Iyiora Anam Anambra West LGA Anambra State and Bridge No 1.

3. Construction of 3 No Fly Over Awka

4. Construction of Nchekwube Onochie Street – Ezu River, Road Aguleri

5. Reconstruction of Nando Junction- Onitsha- Aguleri – Adani Highway 

6. Ozubulu-Ihembosi-Ukpor Road

7. Construction of St Thomas Church Egbu Orizu Junction -Egbu Umuenem, Otolo-Nnewi – Awka Etiti Road

8. Rehabilitation of the Surrounding Roads at Rojenny Stadium Oba, by Direct Labour . 

9. Construction of Nnewi Urban Roads: Coscharis Road, Onuzulike Okonkwo, and Francis Maduka Road 

10 Construction of Nnokwa – Ichida Road.

11. Construction of PHCN Roads

12. Reconstruction of Additional Roads in Okpuno, Awka: Road Linling Abakaliki Street-Ngozika Housing Estate, Awka. 

13. Construction of Six (6) Street and Ama Igwe with its Flood Control Works in Aguleri, Anamabra State 

14 Construction of Roads in Emu Aguleri, Anambra State 

15 Construction of Section2: Mmiata-Nzam Road

16 Construction of Udi and Ukpor Street 17 Construction of Ajasa

18 Construction of Allen Street 

19 Construction of Umunya Airport Road 

20 Construction of Nteje Airport Road 

21 Construction of Aguleri-Otuocha-Umueri Airport Road 

22 Upgrading/Strengthening of Awka-Nibo-Nise-Enugwu Ukwu Ring Road 

23 Construction of Oye Utuh-Akwuata-Court Road Nnewi South LGA 

24 Construction of Access Road to COCHEDS AGRO-INDUSTRIES LTD, Anaku, Ayamelum LGA 

25 Construction of Awkuzu/SARS Junction- Abube Square, Nando

26 Construction of Ogbuaka-Mgbuka-Amazu/Owerri Road,Onitsha Single Carriageway 

27 Construction of Afor-Umunya-Ogbunike Road with Spur to Community Sec. School Umunya 

28: Construction of Uzoakwa-Ubahuekwem-Oseakwa Road with Spur to Oluoha Okechukwu Road with a 3kn Stone Base. 

29 Construction of Ezira – Umuomaku- Enugwu-Umuonyia-Achina Road with 1 No 20m Span Bridge 

30 Construction of Oba (RE Onitsha-Owerri Road/ International Market- Umuoji Road with I Nio Bridge.  

Lie 4: Obiano people mentioned many farms that are operating in Anambra State

My Reaction: Only Coscharis that was attracted by Obi is functional. Others only exist as MoUs

Lie 5: In page 6, ANSIPPA MD, said Obiano had attracted 2 billion dollars in investment, but in Obiano’s speech at Muson centre, he said it was 3.2 Billion dollars.

My Reaction: Not even Nigeria as a country attracted the figures they are bandying within the same month. The  mentioning of different amounts shows anybody calls what he likes. If such an amount is attracted in Anambra, npiti ga na ekwe kitaa.  Liars!!!!

 Lie 6: Cardinal Developers Ltd is partnering with the govt to complete a 5-star hotel, 200 units of luxurious apartment at Onitsha

My Reaction: While do they not want to mention that it is Onitsha Hotel they are talking about. Obiano sold it to Cardinal Developers, a company fronting for him.  The hotel has remained as Obi left it. The luxurious apartment is empty  govt land at Onitsha GRA. Obiano acquired through his front – Cardinal Developers.

Lie 7: In page 8, Law Chinwuba talked about three flyovers, the likes of which can only be seen in Lekki.

My Reaction: So only 3 flyovers and the face of Awka is changed. The 3 flyovers in a space of 1 km is the most absurd decision by Obiano. The flyovers are not necessary.  Imagine the impact if the money has been used to provide water in Awka and Osha or develop new Awka.  Even before their completion, he has inscribed his name on them. Tell me what Anambra will look like if all past governors inscribed their names in projects. Visionless people!

Lie 8: Law Chinwuba says Obiano has done 600 Kms of roads in 2 years.

My Reaction: These people lie without compunction. In about 3 years Ngige did about 200 Kms of roads. In 8 years obi did about 1000 Kms of roads.  Since Anambra state has a total of 1,800 kilometers of state roads, if Obiano has done 600, then all the roads in Anambra State would have been tarred. Meanwhile all the roads are abandoned!          

Lie 9: They talked about Millennium City in Awka

My Reaction: This is the Greenwood Estate   Obi started, kept the money for the Three Arms Zone that will be built there that they simply renamed. Today, 57% of the land in the place has been allocated to people from Aguleri

 Lie 10: Obiano’s Commissioner for Education, Prof Kate Omenugha said Obiano last year gave schools in Anambra 500,000 for sick bays and another 500,000 for sports facilities (PAGE 10)

My Reaction: In Willie’s government, both men and women are all liars. Please visit this link to see that it was obi that did what they are trying to claim:


Lie 11: Another one Prof Kate Omenugha – The efforts of Govt to provide borehole in Anambra schools

My reaction: again read this link to know the truth about boreholes:

Obi explains visits to schools

Lie 11: The Commissioner for Education mentioned renovation of 500 schools by Obiano and schools that won best secondary and primary schools under Obiano

My Reaction: The renovation she talked about was done under obi. He awarded the contracts paid and left money for completion of payment before he left Adazi Science School, QRC and Sancta Maria that won best schools in Nigeria were because of provision of infrastructure. All the infrastructure and buildings in these schools were done by Obi. Let Obiano people show us or mention one structure Obiano provided in these schools.

Lie 12: The commissioner says that every secondary and primary school in Anambra gets 500,000 and 250,000 Naira respectively for  school improvement.

My Reaction: Another lie. Under Obiano, even when they openly announce monies for schools, they do not release it to them. Example, when they announced money to schools for board, they went and bought boards at 4 times what schools buy them and forced the heads of the schools to sign that they have collected money and bought boards.

Lie 13: The commissioner said they are providing laptops to teachers (page 11)

My Reaction: Why not tell us the truth that you forced teachers to buy laptops at doubled the market prices, which are being deducted from their salaries?

Lie 14: They said Anambra State has programme with Bank of Industry revolving around 2 billion dollars and another 2 billion intervention fund with CBN (page 12)

My Reaction: Are they talking about the arrangement with bank of industry under Obi? I imagine they are talking about another thing because they mentioned a total of 4 billion dollars. Even federal govt does not bandy figures like that. Do they know the naira equivalence of 4 billion dollars?

 Lie 15: Obiano’s SSG, Prof Chukwulobelu, who is investing hundreds of millions in large expanse of land he has in Ojinato says that Willie works 24/7

My Reaction: When then does he drink Champagne and womanise?

Lie 15: Billy Ekwunife tells us how ANSIPPA has attracted $2 billion investment (page 13)

My reaction: What an irony, the same agency that is selling the dollars Obi saved for Anambra State.

Analysis of picture in page 15

They placed picture of a beautiful road without naming it. The road is Awgwu-Amaokpala road built by Obi, with Odor Bridge.

The placed the picture of refuse compactor truck Obi bought from Innoson.

They placed the picture of Enugu-Ukwu Power Station, which Obiano commissioned, even when he was not part of the project.

In back page, they placed the picture of 25 speed boots bought through Sure – P, which Obiano inscribed Willie Is Working

What are your comments?

Nadis Avan Ezewuzie

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