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Obiano, Let This Caretaker Drift Halt Now —Anambra APC

The two- phased high drama of Thursday January 16 and Friday January 17, 2020 that once again saw the Anambra State Governor , overrule and instruct Anambra House of Assembly to overrule the Supreme Court, on the appointment of Caretaker Committees, instead of electing LG officials, is the greatest proof that the enemies of our democracy are in vantage positions.

We are however convinced that this slow poison, with a close expiry date cannot kill Anambra State. Instead Anambra State can wash it out.

Against the will of Anambra persons who have been longing and craving for LG Elections, ANHA was summoned to a meeting by the governor on Thursday to rubber stamp impostors in respective LGs on Thursday January 16, 2020, a dare-devil act in itself running against the grain of a protest letter sent to the two actors by all political parties in Anambra State under the aegis of Inter- Party Advisory Council ( IPAC), requesting the constitution of the board of Anambra Independent State Electoral Commission (ANSIEC).

To rub salt to injury, when-based on whatever opaque criteria, three out of 21 of such were rejected- the governor, who called from Rome convened the house again where less than half of the legislators attended to complete the heresy against Anambra democracy.

Our great party holds as before now,that Section 7(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic, which has been interpreted severally by the Supreme Court as inviolable be upheld.

We call on all adults in Anambra State to guard their loins for this long struggle to free our state from the clutches of those ordinarily ought to protect our laws, while allowing a fair competition of ideas to throw up good leaders and proper development of Anambra State.

Yet Obiano- led Government, which has no legislative check is under-developing the state, owing to stunted ideas against democracy and accountability.

We challenge the numerous churches and religious groups in Anambra State who in any case participate in the politics of the state to rise to their challenge in admonishing Obiano Government that monies being credited directly to the LGs should be managed by those elected by the people, free of state government interference.

We hope that the travesty of trying , though unsuccessfully to offer the cloak of legitimacy to an unconstitutional mode of governance, clearly ruled out by the Supreme Court, has met its ignoble end in this last attempt.

As henceforth, Anambra State voters should recall any legislator that indulges in this CARE-TAKER BUSINESS in the LGs alongside the unpopular outgoing governor of the state who feels insecure working with custodians of their peoples mandate.

Finally, we urge that whoever emerged from the two- day rubber stamping under reference should not be recognised in connection with leaderahip of the LGs.

We urge IPAC ,to press the next button in the unrelenting search for the emancipation of Anambra State from yesterday’s criteria for leadership emergence and open a new vista, for a state now living behind the dream of its forebears.


Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary

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