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Obiano plunges Awka into darkness, diverts electricity to hometown


There is a direct line drawn from Agu Awka to Aguleri , that special line did not service any other town but Aguleri. The question is why such open affront? Why cash in the lights in the state capital and move it to just a town?

It amazes me that things we should not lie about or play politics with is what we love to use as political ping pong. Onwezikwolu onye na ekwu eziokwu? [Is there nobody that says the truth?] Does it mean that even the erect from the state are now in spiritual comma and are tongue tied ? Maybe we drank the conscience tying champagne and our minds were seared and sealed from looking at things and asking ogini na afio .

Onye obuna gbalu nkiti waiting for Mazi Odera to report because so isi ya di mma iji chu aja [his head is good for sacrifice]. Do not worry he may decide to shut up like you all and allow the state to slide down that slope into the irredeemable conclave and the state will be in core comatosic position , then anyi ewelu abani choba ewu oji instead of searching for the dark goat while there is still little visual .

What worries me is the fact that not even the clergies , the bishops and ndi Igwe has the gonads to stand up and ask “ogini na eme zi ?” My state has turn from light of the nation to lies of the nation and yet not one condemnation from the pulpit or even okwu agbara of any sought .

These days the bishops are fed fat from the coffers of the state and they went dumb from the crumbs from the kings table . These same bishops met an era where schools receive huge supports, buses, grants, computers and continual visitations, but now they only got summoned to come and drink champagne and sing “Halleluya! Willie Is Walking and the bishops are happy” , which they do without fear of society or God.

Moving on the present danger in the state…

Little wonder no light is consistent in Awka as capital city because the power were diverted from Awka Substation . Sorry , let me phrase it well , all the powers generated for Awka has been exported to Aguleri , if you add the fact that any ongoing road project in the state can be found in Aguleri and the most employed people in the current government are stereotyped like every other thing , then you will agree with me that it is time for the elites , the middle class , the traders , the artisans , scholars and social media to rise up and ask “ogini ka anyi ji isi kote ?” .

There is a direct line drawn from Agu Awka to Aguleri , that special line did not service any other town but Aguleri.

The question is why such open affront? Why cash in the lights in the state capital and move it to just a town?

Why not work on generating light to that area ?

Why must we fish in another man’s fishing basket ? Little wonder my old man will ask: “onabu onye egbuelu , si sue be ya oku” [must we set ablaze the house of somebody conquered ?]

It comes to mind to ask: will it be unfair or fair in 2018 when a new governor takes over the helms and reverse all these, especially that of exporting light and power that is due for Awka the state capital to serve in a town just because we listened to Governor Peter Obi and went north in quest of balancing power ?

It will be recalled that last month our governor went and commissioned an ongoing federal electricity project at Enugwu Ukwu Substation ,which I know that the original owners of that project may have kicked the teeth of the site buffoon that allowed such to happen without the permission of the owner, maybe heads will roll on that project but I shed no tears if it eventually do .

We also must remember that last year my government went and commissioned medical ferries and boats and caption it- Willie Is Walking ,only for Sure P to got angry and close Anambra Office for allowing such desecration of Sure-P .

The problem too is that not even the man that gave us that adaka na onu enwe is talking or apologising for the defective sales.

Those that are building authoritarian empire that will be used in the change of 2017 are notsaying the truth either as I heard Ifeanyi Ubah spoke last 2 days at channels. The guy impressed me all the while until when he started kissing the butts of Obiano saying that he did not borrow when other governors were borrowing and I lost the respect I had for him. I was thinking that we have found a voice that may be the change but if he did not understand that all the governors met huge debts and nothing to work on or with , while Obiano met a legacy that is unparalleled , then it is obvious that he is not looking keenly at the state . 

He did not also know that we have borrowed 20 billion Naira which the house were presented with approval notice of the first 10 billion, then he is not serious .

Not even PDP or APC or any of this buy one get 3 parties are talking, they are all waiting to use it as election flaws to campaign , but read my lips , if that is the case none of them deserve our time talk less of our votes , it means they are making merchants of our misery and exploiting our sufferings to gain position .

This morning I remembered in my youth days , when Anambra State was the heart and foundation of Igboland; those was the days of boys oyeee. That was when we speak, not in riddles but in plain language, but what we have now are men with cotton balls that won’t like to turn the apple cart .

They can only whisper when they are sure that there is no ear that will tell the king about what they said, let them wait until the state is completely insolvent and one them will jump out and tell us that he will rescue us as a governor and I am sure that the thunder that will fire that person who refused to talk now that we are at the precipice of that great darkness, the thunder is in the gym doing body building to have maximum effect .

We don’t need a last minute rescue; we need one that will be crying with us , so that we may still have a state that is solvent and with the above submission , let me run back to my hotel room in Agu Oka where there is no light and the generator is down but they gave me discount. I love hiding there to watch the state of my state. If you like call it cowardice but I call it safety precaution , if it is not ok with you take over from where I stopped .

Mazi Odera

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