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Obiano ‘s Arrest of Nkpor/Awada street sellers’ chairman: Our findings


Obiano 's Arrest of Nkpor/Awada street sellers’ chairman: Our findings

It is evidently clear that Obiano is a one term governor of Anambra State.

I guess he has no intention to win a second tenure and instead of stepping down he has decided to destroy the chances of APGA retaining the seat.

Yesterday, a member of this Forum, one Ifeanyi Jude Okenchi, alerted us of the brutal arrest the chairman of Nkpor/Awada Street Traders Association whom he said “has just been arrested by people believed to be agents of state Govt.

He was whiskered away this evening (yesterday) in a tinted/unmarked Prado jeep and a Hilux Jeep in a Commando style.

His arrest, many believed, was as a result of his recent comments on radio/TV where he condemned the govt of the day in the way it is imposing unnecessary taxes on them and vowed to resist them.”

On getting this report, our hard working reporters here (AIF) went into investigation of his SOS call.

APGA Interactive Forum reporter was able to reach out to the family of the arrested chairman and we were able to speak with his wife.

It is unfortunate how this govt of Obiano is treating the poor masses in the name of looking for money through IGR to fund his bogus and extravagant style of govt.


Mr Olaiya Kazeem Tijani, is the chairman of Awada/Nkpor Street Traders Association, he is a tailor and has been speaking against the heavy taxation policies of Obiano govt especially as it concerns his members. 

Mr Olaiya Kazeem according to the wife, Mrs Latifat Olaiya, said her husband as the chairman has spoken against Obiano’s tax exploitation of the street traders in the state especially in Awada/Nkpor.

The agents of the state govt was uncomfortable with his criticism of their over taxation policy and in a commando style, went to his shop yesterday around 4pm Nigerian time and whisked him away. 

The wife told our APGA Interactive Forum reporter on phone that the team came with a Hilux and an unmarked Prado Jeep, grabbed the husband and took him away.

She stated that the men were on plain cloth except one of them who wore police uniform. 

She however stated that an unknown number later called them to inform her that the husband was being detained at Awka. 

When asked the police command where the husband, is being detained, she said she was not told, but promised to send us the number that her husband..

Mrs Olaiya used the opportunity to appeal to Obiano to order those holding her husband to release him.

However, we went further to speak with a member of the Street Traders Association who did not want his name in print. 

He was furious over the arrest of their chairman. 

He said that they no longer have savings due to heavy taxation on their petty businesses and have called on the state govt to have a human face in their tax derive. 

He said, they stand by their chairman and are already praying that nothing happens to him.

He was happy that this Forum reached out to them and asked us to help plead for the release of their chairman.

What this forum keep wondering is how come Obiano who met 75billion is this broke when govs who inherited debt and liabilities from their predecessors are still maintaining bearable tax policies. 

This calls for Correction come 2017.

We urge the security agencies not to be a weapon of oppression and intimidation in the hands of political leaders. Mr Olaiya should be released or charged to court, if he has broken any known law.

We are hopeful that Correction 2017 project will deliver a brand new governor that will wipe the tears of the poor masses who are being intimidated today and put friendly measures in place in carrying out govt policies with human face.

By Eneh Victor Chigozie

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