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Obiano’s customized Champagne arrives Anambra State

Containers of customized champagne of the government of Anambra State under APGA have started to arrive the country from Spain.

Earlier this year, few cartons arrived, which was specifically for testing. The brewers made special one from the usual brand with distinctive taste. A lover of champagne who has tasted it said it was grade one in wetting the appetite. He went on to say that even if ones papillae is damaged, he would still get the pleasant taste.

A total of 100 containers of Champagne have been taken delivery of. Comprising 5 different brands, each brand came in two containers.

The champagne was used yesterday at the town hall meeting in Lagos where Gov. Obiano met with Anambra people resident in the state.

During the meeting, when Chief Victor Umeh started his usual drenches of nonsense – Peter Obi this and that, all the people present left the hall, except about 20 that remained. They were scandalized that rather than tell Anambra people what Obiano did in four years, they were busy chasing winds.

Obiano said that although meeting was to raise funds, that he already had more than enough to prosecute the election, but that whatever was contributed should be seen as a complement.

Attached are the bottles of some of the champagne

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