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Obiano’s media consultant threatens to arrest, humiliates bloggers


What a bunch of misfits!

The media consultant to Governor Willie M Obiano, Mr Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwehas started another one in conjunction with SSA to governor of causing opposition to Mazi Ben Umeh; together they started threatened ndi Anambra with arrest and bodily harm.

They said the governor will start arresting anybody that writes against him or his wife, making it obvious that they are alluding to some hidden dictatorship in the offing. The arrest will include those that ask about the promises made to the state such as –

[1] When the governor flagged off the 3 monuments or say piles of cement sited at Amaobia, Kwata and Aroma, he promised that the bridges must be delivered in 1 year no plus, but as it is, we are hitting 1 year and 8 months and it seems the bridge is leading to more chaos and then his media goons are threatening those that ask questions.

[2] Anybody that ask ,why did the government sold our own Onuicha shopping mall to cardinal developers ,a company with shrouded interest and the company paid not even a dime ,but we gave them including Ikenga Shopping Mall Oka and other juicy state properties. The latest from his goons are that they will arrest you if you ask.

Nobody dare ask why the Chinese who are handling Agulu Lake resort ran away from site because of lack of any payment from the new government.

 [3] They threatened to arrest you if you ask, “Where is our first lady, or you say get well quick her excellency.”

[4] If you ask, “when will all the abandoned projects become active sites again?” that means you are heading to arrest. Maybe they think that Nigerian police are part of Ocha Brigade.

We did not forget during federal house election that this set of Obuchanjes advised the governor to arrest ex-Governor Peter Obi just to humiliate him, but was he arrested to please them?

It shows that those working for DSS are learned and not members of Ocha Brigade that works under the auspices of the governor.

Meanwhile we should understand that even the stick holders in the state are under some kind of Akpetesi arrest, that is why not even one of them has a dissent voice and they walk like men grounded with fetters of iron shackles, they only whisper in their houses or close doors. The bishops are silent, very silent too even while things gone sour!

We cannot take the threat as idle talk because we remember that the governor himself wrote a letter and terminate the appointment of one of the strongest supporter during his campaign, Mr Valentine Amala Ulasi because he was suspected of having royalty to the former governor.

The governor see to it that the said innocent boy was sacked from his duty as a civil servant just because his media aides wants to show valentine that they are on top .

The threat is not funny or subtle, we remember that with this mindset that the governor has sacked all the workers that has peter obi’s phone number or have worked with him in the past, the worst is the complete sacking of all the drivers and replace them with drivers from Aguleri, Ogbunike and Nando, the question becomes what do drivers know about government?

We should not forget that because of this brute show off ,the governor sacked chief Joe Martins Uzodike, Dike Udo the DG for his campaign for same offence they used in sacking Valentine Ulasi and  many others .they suspected them to be the man behind Akuko Si Anambra ,whereas they know that the man behind Akuko Si Anambra is one devil’s advocate that works as SSA on asiri to the governor and also who transfer some asiri to the wife of the governor as well just to gain some favors from both side .

We should not forget that they have sent so much death threat to some of us just to scare us, intimidate us or actually to kill us, but we have confidence and protection of the most high God and fear nobody.

The governor should know that the people he protected himself with are bunch of acute idiots, many of them simply wants to foist crisis and problems, so they will keep benefiting from that enterprise but they forget that every eatable has expiring date, some are writing March 2018.

Mazi Odera

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