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Obiano’s Xmas Carol: Anambra, Southeast grinds to a halt


*Carol at Upper Iweka by Anambra: I have been vindicated

*As the Govt shut down the Head Bridge while Road Users weep

The economic interruption I warned on the use of Upper Iweka is here with us right now!!!

As I write this, Onitsha Head Bridge is closed down due to Ongoing Obiano-led Anambra State Carol at Upper Iweka Motor Park area .

You will recall that when Anambra State announced the Upper Iweka as venue of the state organised Carol to be hold on 21st December (today) that I kicked against the choice of Upper Iweka as it will create difficulty in the lives of the people as Upper Iweka is the gateway and also centre of economic activity of the state .

Right now , those coming from Lagos , Abuja and others into and those going out of Anambra via Head Bridge are stranded, no thanks to Obiano-led Carol.

I called for change of venue and some were blinded not to see the likely problem of that venue when we have other better venues that we ought to use.

This is not the first time Anambra State is having Carol, but we have not used Upper Iweka as a venue .

It amount to economic interruption which I warned about last week. Today we are with the interruption.

Gallery playing is not the ideal thing in today governance .



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