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Obiano, Ugu scam, Sahara Reporters and Anambra

Obiano, Ugu scam, Sahara Reporters and Anambra

I do not know those behind Sahara Reporters, but I am pleased with them.  

In Anambra today they are the talk of the town for adding their voice to the Ugu scam.

Anambra people now love Sahara Reporters because if they have price, Obiano would have bought them as he has already bought the media in the State. 

He pays big money to Channels every month and to print media houses.

Instead of keeping quiet, Gov. Willie Obiano sent his e-rats, led by Mr. James Eze and one Odaa Opuo after Sahara reporters. 

James should read the history of Anambra State and see how the foolish Valentine Obienyem once attacked Sahara reporters when they wrote against Obi. 

Instead of such attacks, why not present your own point if you have any and I am sure Sahara Reporters as a responsible media house will carry it.

Because of Obiano’s attack and the threat by his wife to slap Sahara people, the organization is stronger and loved more in Anambra today.

Sahara Reporters reported the news of Ugu scam, where Obiano said Anambra State exported Ugu worth 5 Million Dollars (1.9 billion Naira), even when he knew he was lying.

For the information of Sahara reporters, here are many other scams by Obiano who sees fraud as the central factor in governance…

1.     He squandered over 75 billion his predecessor left for him and said it was only 9 billion. The money saved in dollars he called “near cash.”

2.     He is taking over 1 billion Naira monthly as security votes

3.     He has bought houses in many parts of the world and the country, the last being no. 10 Ruxton road Ikoyi, which he bought for 1.8 billion. 

The house is empty with armed security man guarding the place. He has refused to park in because of public outcry. 

He originally had 1 house at Chevron estate, but it has increased to three.

4.     He is in the habit of claiming roads and projects his predecessors started and completed as his own by commissioning them.

Examples are the Material testing laboratory at the Ministry of Works, Old Nkpor-Awka road, Nimo road, IGR building along the express.

5.     He has over 600 Assistants (60% from his town) and is appointing more, some are his girlfriends or children of his girlfriend as that of the former Speaker, Hon. Chinwe Nwebili.

6.     He drinks costliest champagnes and often gets drunk.

7.     He hosts parties every weekend and usually  collects people’s Phones at security to avoid videoing of his inappropriate behavior as when he touched the buttocks of the former Speaker and said it “has gallops”

8.     Even when he has abandoned all the road projects in Anambra he lies to the people of the State that he had completed all of them

9.     He lies that he had attracted 4.2 billion Dollars to Anambra State, which is more than one trillion Naira. Only those that believe Ugu scam will believe in this

10. He lied that Anambra is now exporting tomatoes and even went and published tomatoes farms in other countries as being farms in Anambra State.

[See the link of one of the farms he published: https://youngfamersfoundation.wordpress.com/…/teacher…/]

This old publication circulating on net, written by Clement Onyechi, contains facts about Obiano and how he governs Anambra State

“Anambra: Before the thieves come

Gov. Willie Obiano is simply governing Anambra State by fraud.

He came and met billions of cash and simply settled down to squander them; and he has done quite successfully in this. 

He invested heavily in the media, such that any bad news is suppressed. Thank God for the social media, through which events in Anambra State are seen and correctly too.

Immediately he came to power, he seized the reduction in crime in the entire South East zone and claimed it was his work, when he did not and has not done anything concrete on security. 

If the reduction in crime was his own doing, then other south east states would not witness the same development. Today he sings it like a parrot.

Having successfully stolen the success in security, he is trying to do the same in other areas. 

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