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Obiano, Where are those Mobile CCTV Cameras?

By Eneh Victor Chigozie


There is one thing that’s consistent with the administration of gov Obiano. This is an administration with beautiful dreams and utopian policies that are packaged with heavy propaganda and so much media hype which in most cases turned out to be faux.

Most of this administration’s policies collapse either before or immediately after implementation. This is the major reason over 89% of all the MoUs signed are not performing. The much hyped foreign direct investments are not visible.

The drones came with propaganda and disappeared. The security horses also came with its own media hype and disappeared. None of these over hyped policy direction yielded any fruit. All the public funds wasted in those areas became a waste.

The author, Eneh Victor Chigozie

And while we were beginning to celebrate a hi-tech mobile CCTV cameras which ought to be the first of its kind in Nigeria, the mobile cameras are no where in sight.

AIF Media investigation reveals that those mobile CCTV cameras have failed. The project was poorly and badly executed. An office that was opened at Awka where information captured by the CCTV will be processed and analysed is shut.

The mobile CCTV cameras have packed up. They are packed and covered in the former residence of the immediate past Chief of Staff.

All the public fund used in procuring these mobile CCTV cameras are gone. Recall that it was the launch of the mobile CCTV cameras that brought IGP and other dignitaries to Awka. The media propaganda for the launch of the CCTV costs more than the CCTV cameras itself.

The packing up of these cameras barely a month after its launch is not a good sign, and doesn’t speak well for a govt that just constituted a committee for a 50 year development plan. A govt that can’t execute a short term plan can not execute a 50 year blue print.

The mobile CCTV camera project runs into hundreds of millions of naira and can’t just pack up within a month.

AIF Media will continue to help our leaders get it right by engaging on issues in order to curb waste of public funds.

See photos of the installation of the CCTV cameras below:

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