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Obiano: Why APGA may lose Anambra State come 2017

A Detailed Opinion Poll And An Independent Clinical Analysis of The Realities on Ground Has Shown that Allowing Governor Willie Obiano to Emerge as APGA Guber Candidate in 2017 will amount to APGA Losing Ananmbra State Forever and Signal The Official Death of APGA as a political party. – By Pope Obinna Tony Amaefuna


This indeed is a very trying time for APGA and all party faithfuls all over the world.

The “Onye aghana Nwanne Ya” spirit left the party the moment Peter Obi forced the relatively unknown Willie Obiano from a swimming pool in Texas down our throats. 

These days, APGA aghalugo Ndi Anambra State.

The glory days of this once great part are over. What is left is a gang of sycophants masquerading as party men who doesn’t care even if Willie sends this great state into recession.

This cadre of party-men only cares about the size of the envelopes and largess they stand to get while damning the consequences of defending the brazen squandermania of state resources and Agulerization of the polity going on in Anambra State.

There is Nobody Left to Vote for Willie Come 2017.

The professionals, Industrialists and business people are the worse hit by Willie’s recklessness. 

The average Anambra based businessman is not happy with Willie. 

Ignore the businessmen based in Sapele, Lagos or Port Harcourt shouting Willie is working because they don’t understand the realities on ground. 

This government for the first time in the history of the state increased tax by 300%. 

Most Industries struggling to stay afloat in these hard economic times has been closed down after they were forced under Willie’s new tax regime to pay outrageous sums in tax to a government that has done nothing for them.

Prince Arthur Eze, has dumped APGA and has withdrawn his support because of the level of Willie’s unpopularity and his blatant attempt to wreck Anambra State via Agulerization.

An Industrialist Mr Anayo Okoli, The Managing Director of Candour Plastic industries told Newsmen that the company years past paid 120,000 per annum before Willie’s new policy and now they were forced to pay N475,000 per annum in this difficult time.

Another Anambra business man and industrialist Mr. Chuka Palodis Ilodi has been crying out on social media ever since Willie closed down his business and forced him into bankruptcy for no reason.

Stine industries (Makers of Anambra Rice) who the government claims to support is slowly going out of business because Gov. Willie Obiano has threatened to boycott the company unless he is allowed to print his photograph on the bags of rice. 

The unfortunate thing however is that the photograph according anonymous sources from the company  caused “BAD MARKET” for the rice because the typical Anambra market Men and women refused to buy the rice out of hatred for Willie. 

The management of the company also bemoans the inability of the state government to attract reasonable investment of power generation as PHCN is ruining the company productivity.

Industrialists like INNOSON who have invested billions in the state were abandoned immediately Willie came to office. 

Anambra State is producing cars yet Willie went to Toyota and bought cars at the inflated cost of N28 million each simple because INNOSON did not agree to assist him in stealing and squandering Anambra money to quoting the cost of a N2million per car to be N28 million per car. 

Hence he dumped our own brother and APGA supporter INNOSON! Who is left to vote for Willie?

The Church has also dumped Willie because of his recklessness and favoritism. 

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Bishops in the Anglican Communion in all dioceses in Anambra State defied the heavy downpour of the day to march in the streets of Onitsha to protest against Gov. Willie Obiano. 

This was no ordinary protest. 

Their lordships had taken some time to denounce what they called the systematic marginalization of the Anglican Communion by the state government. 

They swore that Obiano will never remain governor come 2017 after he gave the Catholic Church a higher amount of money while the Anglican Church received a paltry sum. 

Losing the votes of the Anglican Church though a minority still remains a heavy influence which cannot be ignored on the polls.

Catholic faithfuls are also kicking against what they called mistake of 2013 election . 

They says that Obiano is just opposite of Peter Obi whom they believed did great job in the state .

For some of them , if APGA insist on Obiano , then they will vote against him and the party in 2017. 

The Academics are wailing. 

The universities has been neglected and no tangible investment or achievement has been recorded in over 24 months regardless of the fact that this government inherited N75 billion. 

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