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Obiano’s e-Rats Go Haywire On “Anambra Is In Ruins!” Series

By Odumodu Gbulagu


The e-rats led by Mr. James Eze held what they called a strategic meeting on Odumodu. They resolved to post massive roads completed by Obiano to neutralize the Odumodu posts.

Vincent O Ezechukwu, Ejike Anyaduba, Okechukwu Anarado, Ifeanyi Afuba Harrison Madubueze, among others were at the meeting.

If you are observant, you would have noticed that James took the lead. He did not go to church today and has been posting roads and other projects ostensibly completed by Obiano.

James even posted the flyovers that any serious governor will knock down for constituting more hazard than solve any problem.

He posted street lights. Haba! This is one of the most irrational decisions of Obiano. O buru na omaghi aru o na eme let him tell Anambra people that he approves 652 million Naira every month for the maintenance and fueling of the generators that power those lights and how much enters their pocket.

Which future Governor would retain such monumental nonsense. With such monthly approval, are you still searching for the reasons he is not doing anything in the state except soaking himself in alcohol.

Attached is one of their generators at work. Shall we “ clap” for him? Cluelessness at its best!

I am watching their posts and will be exposing their lies as they are told. Why are they just posting roads afraid to tell us whether started and completed by Obiano or whether just completed by Obiano.

To conceal their lies, for example, Vincent Ezechukwu posted Ugwuakwu-Achalla road, Umuchu. Because what Obiano does is to start a few meters of a road from the major road and abandon it, he referred to the road as phase 1. A road of less than 2 kilometers having phases?

I saw the Enugu-Ukwu by-pass posted by James and shared by Vincent. Why are they hiding the fact that the road was started by Obi and was completed after almost 6 years?

That is the only road the deputy governor benefited, yet they are not publishing over 30 roads Obiano did in Aguleri. I think I should say shame to the deputy governor.

I saw the posting of Nwazota-Nkwo Edo road. Why did James avoid posting the name of the town? That road was completed by Mr. Peter Obi.

Because Obiano does not have projects to show, they keep posting private business Obiano does not even know how they came to Anambra. Take Coscharis farm for example, they came to the state during Peter Obi time.

The man constructing the road to the farm- Mac Mouritz died because Obiano owes him over a billion. They asked him to forgo 300 million for him to be paid, which he did but they collected the money and still refused to pay him.

He confided this to many people and said he had no other option than to die. After his death, they paid some money to his wife.

Anything in Anambra is the biggest in the South-East- biggest Oxygen plant, biggest Poutry farm, biggest rice mill, longest bridge, yet most of them are not even useful to the general public.

The only hospital he worked on located in Aguleri is the most advanced in the East, etc. This is a key to understanding Obiano’s mindset.

James, so these projects are all bigger than what you have in your Enugu State?

They posted portions of Amawbia-Amansea dual carriage road.

Obi obtained permission from the federal govt for Anambra State to do this road and be paid back. He started it and set aside 8 billion for its completion. Obiano used the money and added moreto build three unplanned flyovers at the cost of 15 billion naira.

They are not ashamed that 6 years after, the road is nowhere near completion and they are showing portions of it as road done by Obiano. More disturbing is that the road has started developing potholes,

Did you see the Nengo Bridge? The Umunya-Nteje road has two bridges. Before Obi left, he had completed the road and the longer bridge, all Obiano did was to complete the 2nd bridge.

Meanwhile, he is constructing three bridges over one river in his area, where Obi originally made provision for one bridge at the area that is shortest across the river- Umueje. Three bridges to a community of not more than 2000 inhabitants. Is this competing with Lagos that has three bridges to the Island?

And look at what they showed us at Nkpor bridge, the sturdy bridge Obi built that can even carry trains. All Obiano did was to seclude the bridge with interlock, a task individuals can comfortably do.

James, if your principal is a serious person, you will not last a day longer.

Look at another of his post: International Conference Centre, another ill-conceived project. What of Prof. Dora Akunyili International Conference Centre? Is anything wrong with it? Meanwhile, the project is still at foundation level and they are making mouth of it.

James will soon post Onitsha Shoprite Obiano did not contribute one kobo to or the Roban store as his achievements.

By and by we shall continue to review what they are posting.


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