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Obiano’s Fatal Moves: Open letter to Osita Chidoka

By Odumodu Gbulagu

Open letter to Osita Chidoka (Ike Obosi)

I did not address this letter to the bishops, traditional rulers, elders and the so called stakeholders, because they will continue to fail us.

Some of us that have followed you see you as a sane and urbane politician, imbued with the gift of deep-thinking as we saw during the gubernatorial debate.

The youth of Anambra state are not happy with you and I must tell you that. We have read your recent comments on sundry issues, including your beautiful prose on Biafra.

Now, I ask: Does it mean you are not aware that Gov. Willie Obiano has led Anambra State from the sublime to the ridiculous; from a debt-free state to a debt-ridden state?

It is disappointing that a young man like you who should be galvanising others of like minds and ask Obiano some questions about the debt is also keeping quiet like our bishops and traditional rulers.

We know you are not one of the fronts Obiano use to buy houses all over the world or launder our money through 1.5 billion monthly security votes ( as recently increased) to lose your voice.

It is because you people are keeping quiet that the same man – Obiano, a few days ago borrowed another 15 billion Naira from Access Bank for the airport project.

I understand another 18 billion Naira loan from Fidelity bank is being mooted.

Would you not ask him about the Chinese investors that are supposed to build our airport or have Coronavirus killed them?

Is it the likes of Charly Boy that should be the speaking or questioning Obiano’s excesses?

Onwekwaru ka odi! Mmadu anokwa n’Anambra steti?

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