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Obigbo killings by Wike not shocking, area long abandoned because it is Igbo populated

My dear people, I live in PH, I have a property in Obigbo and I have friends, workers and relatives residing in Obigbo. I get in contact with them everyday to get updates of happenings there.

The Wike narratives that Ipob are causing trouble in Obigbo always is just a smoke screen employed by him to vent his pathological hatred on the Igbos.

First of all, let me state categorically that I am not a member, a support or a fan of Ipob because of personal reasons not relevant here. It’s obvious that the majority of IPOB members in Obigbo are from Etche and Eleme, both are in Rivers state.

The main fracas that triggered the mayhem in Obigbo during the peaceful #EndSars protest was caused by the Fulani/ Northern moslem community who confronted the protesters on a Friday after their routine prayers.

They chased the protesters with weapons, in a bid to protect their main mosque at Elelenwo axis but were overpowered by the protesters who actually didn’t attack their mosque as expected but inflicted several and severe wounds on the Fulani youths.

Later that night, the Fulanis brought in their deadly herdsmen around Iriebe where the fulanis have a market (yam zone) but the youths of Obigbo and the IPOB came together to resist the herdsmen and drove them away, of course there were casualties on both sides.

This culminated into the burning of properties belonging to both sides and spilled over to the burning of the police station at Obigbo when it was seen that the police was on the side of the herdsmen.

Later that day, the Fulani called in the army from Bori camp because the tide was turned against them. It was at this point that Wike took over when some 6 soldiers were disarmed and killed including 3 policemen.

Rather than hold the two sides responsible, Wike’s govt hung every thing on the IPOB, criminalized them and declared an indirect warfare on the Igbos, in the name of hounding the IPOB members.

The soldiers have carefully killed many people in revenge and 99% of the main and collateral victims are Igbos.

Right now there’s a house to house hunting of Igbo youths in the name of searching for missing military guns. All these are happening within Wike’s imposed total curfew meant to keep the youths indoors for easier capture.

Note that Obigbo is an abandoned LGA in Rivers state, because it is 90% populated by Igbos. There’s no govt presence, no roads, no light, and not even a good hospital or school.

This is despite of the fact that there are several oil wells /fields and the popular Afam power station in Obigbo. The scandalous government neglect is deliberate and not unconnected with the obvious fact that Obigbo is igboland.

The nocturnal secret house to house search, arrest and maiming is still on going as many residents are still trapped and couldn’t escape in time.

The outcry for help should continue to high heavens until this govt backed mayhem stops.


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