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Obinna Uzoh apologises to Ifeanyi Ubah as jail awaits

By Eneh Victor


Dr. Obinna Uzo who is facing criminal prosecution of forging and falsifying court documents in his criminal attempt to remove Senator Dr Ikemba Ifeanyi Ubah from Senate has removed shame and tendered an apology in the national dailies to the Young Progressives Party [YPP] senator.

Dr Uzo who is currently being detained at the police station in Abuja is expected to be charged to court any moment from now.

Obinna Uzo tendered the apology which was reported by many national dailies. He equally congratulated Ubah for defeating him at the courts.

Why did it take Obinna Uzo this long to apologise? Is it because he is in police custody heading to jail?

He was arrested on 29th June 2020 after being declared wanted by the police and has remained in detention since then.

Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, winner of Anambra South Senatorial election
Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah

It was gathered that his wife has been making all necessary contacts to get him out.

But the offence of Dr Obinna Uzo is a very serious criminal offence which borders on forging both court documents and court judgement in order to remove Senator Ifeanyi Ubah.

It is not Ifeanyi Ubah that’s prosecuting Obinna Uzo. It is the federal government through the Nigeria Police Force.

The federal government is embarrassed by his act of forging court documents including the judgement itself.

All investigations show that the said judgement Obinna Uzo paraded against Ifeanyi Ubah was never registered in any of the courts in Nigeria.

The judgement was written at his home in Ihiala and taken to Abuja where he got a judge to stamp and sign it.

All the court staff who were involved in the falsification have all been sacked by the FCT high court administration.

The lawyers involved in the said forgery are all on the run. Police arrested Barr Eziafa Samuel while Aroh Ifunanya and Faith Samuel are on the run.

Eziafa Samuel was granted bail by the court but he has also absconded and jumped bail. He no longer attends his trial.

A bench warrant is likely to be issued on him in the next adjourned date.

Will Obinna Uzo’s apology save him?

Senator Dr Ikemba Ifeanyi Ubah is a man with so much grace. All those who fought him ended up in shame.

Those who are being recruited by desperate politicians to attack and malign the YPP senator will also end in shame, except they learn from this disgrace which Obinna Uzo is presently going through.

If you were Ifeanyi Ubah, what will you do after this whole embarrassment and negative press that he suffered in the hands of Obinna Uzo?

Pls make your suggestion.

Eneh Victor Chigozie

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