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Of Fulani Radio, Football, Peace & National Security

By Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth


There is something good in the Fulani Radio  said   to be planned by the Federal Government. Other Ethnic Radio Stations need to be set up   and with these ,we have quality programmes  to prevent conflict to promote and to build peace.

It was George Orwell who said “Serious Sport is  War minus the shooting” Bullets” . Let’s get our Farmers and Herders into this War without  Shooting.

One of those things I would like Government to do is to ask  the Farmers on the one hand and the  Herders on the other, to set up  Football Teams at the local, state, regional and National  level i such that there   are  live broadcasts on  Television, and  Radio  and streaming online.

In this way  Farmers and  Herders  would stay at home or visit viewing centres to  monitor the encounters  and the  period of Half time could be used to send relevant messages to the viewers and listeners.

On the power of Football, FIFA states: Football is a universal language that can help bridge divides  and promote the core values necessary for lasting peace. It is a powerful tool to release tension and generate dialogue.

On the playing field, cultural differences and political agendas dissolve.

I would like to end by stating that the University of Brighton here in the UK developed a programme tagged Football 4 Peace to douse the Tension between the Arabs and Jews in Israel.

Nigeria can draw from this example

Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth, London, England

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