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Of Quota System and Of Affirmative Actions

Quota or Affirmative Action or Not, At Whose Detriment

Of Quota System and Of Affirmative Actions
Quota System and Affirmative Action are the two governmental policies I detest with all my heart. Yes, sometimes, because of historical precedence, it becomes inevitable that we must apply the two in our political systems.
The problems with it arise when it does not have an expiry date. If it is perpetuated, it’s cobra effect produces mediocrity in abundance and undermines the importance of excellence in the very system it exists in.
For how long do you wanna apply quota or affirmative actions? Until the so-called “disadvantaged” catches up with the rest or until thy kingdom comes?
What are we doing today so that the so-called “disadvantaged” would not require a quota 30 years from now? Are we building schools that would empower them in years to come that would make them suitable to compete with the rest like equals? Are we just throwing pity-parties for them while we continue to keep them down forever so we can use them at a later date for our own ulterior gains that always end up being politicized?
For instance, I don’t believe that we must just get an automatic lift in life because of our sex, religion, ethnicity, or race. What should suffix is the equality of opportunities and not outcomes. People should be able to access opportunities and then allow hard work to determine the outcomes and how far they could go with the given opportunities.
Being a WOMAN is not a qualification for anything.
Being a MAN is not a qualification for anything.
In fact, it is demeaning when we try to prime someone based on their SEX. It kind of portrays them as having nothing to offer besides what their genitalia denotes. The same applies when our ethnic or racial groups are used to determine who gets what and who takes what.
Above also sacrifices the quality at the altar of mediocrity when you look at things critically. Instead of looking for the best person for a job, first, you must check if they fit into any of the STUPID and ineffective criteria you have created that inevitably ensure that mediocrity reigns supreme.
It is a chain reaction, guys. No one gains in the long-run. The “solution” should not be creating more problems methinks. Sometimes, OUTCOMES tends to defeat INTENTIONS.
I don’t know when we will begin to understand these things

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