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Ogbaru: Oseloka Obaze Settles Scores With Anambra Community


Ogbaru Development Association (ODA) issues – Getting the facts straight

“Our attention has been drawn to a recount of a recent meeting of Ogbaru Development Association (ODA), which one Mr Okechukwu Uzoije wrote. 

“We accept that in a democratic setting, Mr. Uzoije is entitled to his views, but to fabricate outright lies against Mr Oseloka H. Obaze (OHO), a stakeholder and personality in good standing who spoke publicly, in a group meeting with over twenty-five persons present and therefore witnesses, is to be clever by half. 

“Mr Obaze as part of political consultations, which he has had with various stakeholders, undertook consultations recently with Ogbaru Development Association (ODA). 

“He was mindful that the members present though of Ogbaru extraction, varied politically and said so as a preface to his remarks. 

“It was in that context he mentioned only five people he had consulted, some of them from Ogbaru. 

“Obaze spoke about issues and challenges confronting Ogbaru, Anambra and Igboland, as well as community project funding, status of local governments and abandoned Ogbaru roads, just as he has done in recent radio interviews.  

“On political appointment of Ogbaru indigenes, Mr Obaze only recounted a phone call he received from on Ogbaru stakeholder, who complained about the appointments being concentrated in one town and advised on the need for political spread.  

“Naturally, Mr Obaze who has quietly facilitated empowerment of many Ogbaru people, cannot be opposed to any Ogbaru person benefitting from the government’s political largesse. 

“In politics, Mr. Obaze has never dealt with personalities, or engaged in name calling. Obaze never reacted or spoke about ANPA or its endorsement. 

“Suggesting that he did, is the malign fabrication by the author. 

“Moreover, it was officials of ODA that restricted the Q & A to two questions, to which Obaze courteously responded. 

“Finally, to describe the meeting as acrimonious, or even heated, is the most preposterous supposition.  

“To suggest that ODA members or Ogbaru people rejected Mr Obaze is a crass contention and mere self-serving politicking.”

Oseloka Obaze Media Team

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