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Ohanaeze Spokesman Lambast Orji Uzor Kalu Over Comments On Igbo Stand In 2029 Election

Ask him to apologize to Ndigbo or face sanction Tell the north what to do on insecurity in the area


The spokesman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide, Mr. Chuks Ibegbu has lambasted former governor of Abia state Orji Uzor Kalu for blaming Igbos for their political woes in the present dispensation.

Ibegbu wondered why Orji Kalu and his types believe or want to force Ndigbo to toe their own line of thought  and why Ndigbo must be slavish before they get what rightfully belong to them.

Ibegbu noted that the problem of Ndigbo is actually people like Kalu who ride under Igbo platform to be relevant in Nigeria and later castigate their own people.

He wondered why some misled and sycophantic Igbo politicians in a bid to massage the ego of their masters would reel out phlegm against their own people just for mere porridge.

“No Northern, Western or Niger Delta politician worth his salt will openly castigate their own people the way our slavish political elites do.

“Yet even their masters in the North still do not take them serious knowing that if they could betray and malign their own people , they will also do so to them at any opportune time,” Ibegbu noted.

“Even then , those of them who falsely claim that the North is more politically sagacious than the rest of the country may  wish to tell Nigerians the benefit of the political sagacity of the North when it is ravaged by poverty, constant bloodshed and woes.

“Were then lies this so called sagacity. What use is it to the North when Boko Haram , bandits and almajiris are everywhere.

“The sagacity they claim serves only the interest of the ruling class and not the talakawas and dredge of the North ,”  Ibegbu emphasised.

“Orji Kalu, Rotimi Amaechi, and now Rochas Okorocha worship their masters up North like small gods and want us all to join their iberiberism ,” Ibegbu noted, “and that is not possible,” he enthused.

“We can only work as equal partners in the Nigeria project or bid for our time ,Ibegbu affirmed. Nobody is a slave in Nigeria and we cannot tolerate master/slave relationship , never,” Ibegbu warned.

On the bloodshed in the North and insecurity , Ibegbu advised the North to seek the face of God and atone in all churches and mosque for the blood shed unduly between 1966 to 1970.

“Human blood is precious but we joke with it here in Nigeria. Look, those that waste innocent blood pay for it no matter how long it takes.

“Some people may dismiss it but it’s a fact.

“Do you think Gen Gowon don’t know what he was doing by his Gowon Prays Ministry.

“Do you think he does not know what he did when he asked for forgiveness at Asaba and Abakiliki and wept openly.

“Well, those that wasted innocent blood in the 60s should pray and fast for thirty days and God will heal the North and forgive them.

“This fact must not be dismissed .

“Major Mustapha, my friend, know what am talking and that was why he went to Pastor Muoke of Chosen at Mgbidi for his prayers to heal the North.

“Let Nigerians also pray and seek the face of God or they will continue to be in soup.

“The injustice in the land is too much. The elites and politicians are draining and misgoverning the people.

“I challenge Northern leaders to listen and do what I am saying,” Ibegbu concluded.

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