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Ohanaeze warns Igbos, Ipob against enemies, subterfuges

Ohanaeze warns Igbos, Ipob against subterfuges

What it takes to destroy and cowered a people is to divide their ranks by every gambit and thereby make their leaders helpless and victims of political shenanigans while their humanity nosedives to seemingly irredeemable ebb.

This is what the Igbo youths independent command organ, Ohaneze Youth Council, OYC, Worldwide has alleged to be the major predicament of the Igbo led East in the nature’s 21st century. 

Thus OYC has advised Ndi Igbo against allowing selves becoming willing tools at the enemies’ hands playing self-destructive and antagonizing politics that would see them helpless, inconsiderate and endangered. 

The Igbo youth group strongly canvassed for politics of allegiance to Igbo and Eastern Nigerian kinship spirit that would help integrate their regional economic good and achieving social capacity; that in turn would unleash them to the worldly millennial command heights. 

These words of honour and caution are contained in a pan social and mutually reassuring musings in a statement issued by Ohanaeze Youth Council, worldwide, respectively signed by the group’s President General, Mazi Francis Oji, Secretary General,  Mazi Chukwuebuka Uzochukwu and Project Expansion Emissary/Secretary B.O.T. Mazi Okwu Okwu. 

The Ohanaeze youths, in the said statement issued in Awka and sighted by The Universe, therefore cautioned the Igbo and Biafra restoration agitators to look inwards strengthening what unites than divides. 

While commending the conscientious Igbo citizens and Biafra agitators for toeing the noble path keeping peace and civility, irrespective of the ever coming unwarranted provocations and deadly attacks they experience. 

The group (Ohanaeze) advised the Igbo to live avoiding mutually destructive politics and taking laws into their hands because they have had worldwide commendations championing and emblematizing nonviolent social change. 

“In consequence, we are calling on all Igbo nationals and Biafra agitators not to use one bad effect and enemies’ distractive studs to generalizing cutting off their noses just to discharge” they said. 

The Ohaneze youths however maintain that Igbo and Eastern region leaders and followers should be upright and doing, knowing the separation lines between politics and cultural nationalism to avoid playing into the enemies’ courts and scoring home goals. 

Acting in response to what the group termed skewed political (after) effects and needless ongoing self-destructive politics being fomented from the outside.

Especially as witnessed during the recent Islamist Fulani herdsmen’s wreaked havoc at Nimbo community, Enugu state and Biafra May 30 day celebration massacres allegedly by the Nigeria state through the security agents especially in Anambra state that both attracted worldwide outcry. 

Ohanaeze Youths opined that it have also seen the Igbo losing for playing politics of blame transfer and transfer of aggression attacking theirs’ fellow-victims of skewed politics and security ploys; and therefore were compelled to caution and advise the Igbo Nation to always watch and keep faith with Igbo kinship spirit. 

Stating further Ohanaeze said; “Run a check on all police Commissioners across Nigeria it has always been indigenes manning their states and regions except in Igbo land where only Enugu State has Igbo Commissioner of Police”. 

Though, Mr. Nwodibo Ekechukwu was replaced by another Igbo CP Emmanuel Ojukwu‎ and has been redeployed to the Eastern Port Police Command; it also, remains that only Enugu State still has Igbo Police Commissioner in the whole Igbo land. 

They said; “It was painful that after Fulani herdsmen’s dastard attacks and killings that Ekechukwu was erroneously made victim and vilified by even his fellow Igbo nationals, to bear the burden and furies following the Federal Government and Security Chiefs untimely intervention and security lapses.  

In the same way, Ohanaeze Youth Council Worldwide is worried that the Executive governor of Anambra state Chief Willie Obiano have been receiving needless and endless torrential attacks and knocks he did not deserve for a merely fact that the Joint Security Task Force involving the Army, Navy, DSS and Police that he set up, massively equipped  and funds that has seen Anambra state synonymous with Kidnappers and criminal dens freed and secured was used by the forces beyond his control to commit the May 30 massacre and maiming of the Biafra agitators.  

Drawing the Igbo’s and public attention to the fact that the Enugu state Governor Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi was seen helplessly cry to the whole world that he could not get the urgent attention of the powers that be and security chiefs. 

“Consequently, when the bad news of the Fulani herdsmen’s orgy killings in Nimbo community took to an embarrassing world centre stage seeing the world leaders, organizations and opinion leaders slamming Nigeria; the initially unavailable institutional powers intervened lately and even came visiting Enugu state.

“Therefore, making Mr. Ekechukwu scapegoat is far from helping the Igbo and Southeast that have the lowest number of Police Commissioner, upon having no Service Chief and top echelon Security officer holding security charge in Nigeria.

“We Igbo allowed ourselves gagged-on believing Police Compol Ekechukwu failed to intervene competently and for the undue barrages of attacks railed on him the then only Igbo Indigenous police commissioner of Enugu state Mr. Ekechukwu with counting legacy and experience was embarrassed and made victim and redeployed for alleged poor intervention and security failures that were not his own makings” said Ohanaeze youths. 

Ohanaeze Youth also said:

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