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Oil Resources Revenue: Why Nigeria Must Be Restructured Now! [5]

Recently, some concerned Nigerians have pointed out the Internally Generated Revenue [IGR] as unfavourable to some geo-political zones, especially the South-East which has been on the front burner of restructuring.

According to that school of thought, the South-East cannot sustain itself with its current IGR which is 49.93 billion Naira and second to the last on the log, just above North-East.

They are quick to point to a recent table obtained from the ministry of finance which shows four regions ahead of the South-East below:

Table of 2016, 2015 Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and 2015 Net FAAC Allocations  in Nigeria by Geopolitical Zone and By State

Our analysts said the data concentrated more on internally generated revenue without giving much thought to oil generated revenue which is the economy

However, breaking down the arguments for and against, one of our analysts showed that the data was highly skewed.

He said that the publishers of the data concentrated more on internally generated revenue without giving much thought to oil generated revenue which is the pedestal on which the Nigerian economy is suspended.

According to him, states and the Federal government does not share internally generated revenue, therefore, should not constitute a national debate.

He, however, was quick to point out that “in most of the states that you showed their internally generated revenue, Igbo businessmen and women contribute between 30 to 70%.”

He maintained that “It is to the advantage of all for Nigeria to be restructured”.

He, however, pointed out that “if the nation disintegrate along the current zonal structures, SE and SS will go with their 25.07% and 70.6% of the current oil generated revenue.

“The SW will go with her 3.97% with the NE, NW, and NC going with 0% each. 

“Also, if all the states flush the Igbo business men and women out, most of these states will lose between 30 to 70% of their internally generated revenue. 

“At least 50 to 60% of import duties will be lost by Lagos ports while Port Harcourt, Onne and Calabar ports will be the beneficiaries. 

“These are facts and not fiction.”

He also challenged any doubting Thomas to “Please publish your data for the oil revenue that is the engine that drives Nigerian economy today and show which zone has what.”

“Provide data to dispute the oil revenue data; that is what sustains most states and zones today,” he dared anyone.

He, then, went ahead to elaborate the reason for separatist agitation in Nigeria:

“The data below shows why people like me believe that the nation must be restructured. Anywhere you have cheating and injustice, there will be no peace. 

“I wonder the criteria that the military used to determine the number of states, local governments and revenue sharing formula. 

“I believe strongly that in a country, everybody should share from the resources that accrue to the nation. The sharing formula must be equitable and fair. 

“In the case of Nigeria, it is clear that there is injustice and inequity. 

“The data below showed that the South in general have been cheated in the scheme of things and the South East and South South in particular are being cheated than every other part of the country. 

“The data below shows the contributions of each zone to the federal government and the share of each region. 

“In summary, SS contributes 70.6% of revenue but receives 15% back, SE contributes 25.07% but receives 11% back, SW contributes 3.97% but receives 16% back, NC contributes 0% and receive 20% back, NE contributes 0% and receive 16% and NW contributes 0% and receive 21%. 

“Based on this data and how the military distributed the local government, you come to the realization that some areas are being cheated. 

“There is nothing wrong with Nigeria that cannot be fixed, but leaders must come with clean hands sit down and renegotiate the entire Nigeria estate. 

“The data below is mid bugling and any sincere and honest person can see why people from the SE and SS are agitating for separation and or resource control. 

“Also, the two largest and modern cities developed with the oil money from  SS and SE are Lagos and Abuja; one for the North and the other for the West.  

“The East the produces 96.1% of the total revenue had none. Even if the nation breaks up today, the SS and SE are the zones that lost out in the scheme of things. 

“As a stake holder of this entity called Nigeria, I am more convinced than ever that the country needs to be restructured now than later.

“Out of the total of 360 House of Reps members, the entire South has 169, while the North has 191. Here is the breakdown:


Imo 10 Reps

Abia 8 Reps

Ebonyi 6 Reps

Anambra 11 Reps

Enugu 8 Reps Total= 43.


Akwa Ibom 10 Reps

Bayelsa 5 Reps

Cross River 8 Reps

Delta 10 Reps

Edo 9 Reps

Rivers 13 Reps Total= 55 Reps.



Ekiti 6 Reps

Lagos 24 Reps

Ogun 9 Reps

Ondo 9 Reps

Oyo 14 Reps

Osun 9 Reps Total = 71 Reps.


Kano 24 Reps

Kaduna 16 Reps

Jigawa 11 Reps

Katsina 15 reps

Kebbi 8 Reps

Sokoto 11 Reps

Zamfara 7 Reps Total = 92 Reps.


Adamawa 8 Reps

Bauchi 12 Reps

Borno 10 reps

Gombe 6 Reps

Taraba 6 Reps

Yobe 6 Reps Total = 48 Reps.


Benue 11 Reps

Kogi 9 Reps

Kwara 6 Reps

Nassarawa 5 Reps

Plateau 8 Reps

Niger 10 Reps Total = 49 Reps.

FCT 2 Reps.


The question is: how dare you upstage this people in a vote?

Even if Southeast, South-south and Southwest joined together cannot upstage the North.


North Central receives 20%;


North East receives 16%;


North West receives 21%;


Every month, the 19 Northern states receives a minimum of 57% of 100% of oil revenue to which they CONTRIBUTE 0.00%.

South West receives 16%;


South East receives 11.00%;


South South receives 15.00%;



Nigeria has 774 LGAs.

“The North has 19 states, and the 19 states have 419 LGAs.

“The South has 17 states, and the 17 states have 357 LGAs.

“Working with the data from the office of the Accountant General as published by the Ministry of Finance (2013 April), the 357 LGAs of the 17 Southern states receive 45.1% of what they contribute is 100%.

“The 419 LGAs of the 19 Northern states receive 54.9% of what they contribute is 0.00%.”

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