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Okigwe Senate rerun: The failed strategy of political traders


While Athan Achonu campaigns everywhere with his lovely wife, Benjamin Uwajumogu refused to campaign with his wife… parading everywhere with his notorious sister, Chidinma, a shameless divorcee who was sacked by her husband for acts unbecoming of a wife. 

I will summarize my first and second article of Okigwe Senate re-run, but before that, let me thank His Excellency (Dr) Ikedi Ohakim who at this crucial time didn’t relent in carrying other illustrious sons and daughters of Okigwe zone along, and matching towards proving leadership with character.

I would also thank my brother, Chief Tony Chukwu; who when he saw that his Ehime-Mbano people in Mbano bloc are not with him in supporting an unsuitable and unstable Benjamin Uwajumogu’s Senatorial Candidature “repented” from his action, even when the promises of a notorious divorcee, Miss Chidinma Uwajumogu, that she would inform Mr. President to continue giving him contracts in his tricking mind. 

Does Chidinma think she knows Mr. President more than Tony Chukwu? Even If Chief Tony Chukwu and Senator Athan Achonu are not in good terms, Chief Tony Chukwu cannot afford to be in enmity with Ehime Mbano people because it is through Ehime Mbano Political Ladder he came to limelight in Nigeria.

Now a lot of people both educated and non educated, home and abroad have thanked me, as they now understand the political partitions and power sharing formula  support by the masses in Okigwe zone. They saw it clearly that there are three blocs; the Okigwe bloc, Mbano bloc and Etiti bloc. Also, there are two Federal constituencies; the North comprising of Okigwe, Onuimo and Isiala Mbano, and the South comprising of Ihitte-Uboma, Obowo and Ehime Mbano. All these have been explained in my first and second article on Okigwe Senate re-run. 

But I must explain that Chief Athan Achonu who was in the Senate before the Senatorial election was nullified, does not require any struggle to win the re-run coming up on the 20th of February 2016. Senator Achonu and Okigwe people should know that the reason why political traders are in ‘’heteromorphism’’ pushing ‘’heterlogous’’ is for them to be in charge of political dividends having seen how “You win N12 billion’’, NDDC contracts shared and state and Federal board positions’’ were shared previously. 

These political traders are greedy, ‘’acarpous’’ transition elements. These political traders in block knight will propel our ‘’retardent’’ to be ‘’thermolysis’’, so that they can melt with their junk bond. We should expurgate them by withdrawing their franchise, which is our support. Those who would join them might gain some short term advantages, but they would also risk having them co-opted. 

As their agents become more concerned with the grassroots problems, they might become less responsive to the need of the people of Okigwe zone. Anyone who has read George Orwell’s Animal Farm will remember what happened to the pigs when they took over management after driving out the former human owners like men until finally, when they sat down to meet with men …….. “The creatures look from pig to man, and from man to pig, and pig to man. But already it was impossible to say which is which……….”

Our people may not believe it that trouble has started in their camp with re-appointments, appointments and decampments. My candid advice to our people of Okigwe zone is that while the Uwajumogu Camp remains “DADA” by rejecting cultural values, we shall remain appliqué, which is to remain the materials to form the design. 

Another issue in the camp of the political traders is the news that Benjamin Uwajumogu is not qualified to contest the nullified Okigwe Senate election on grounds, that when he was elected into the Imo State House of Assembly, he went through the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ticket, and became a speaker before he moved to All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). The PDP as a party took Uwajumogu to Federal High Court where he admitted that he was still a member of PDP and that State House of Assembly has right to elect its leaders irrespective of political party. The case didn’t come to an end before he was found holding APC ticket. 

But the question is; did Ben Uwajumogu later resign from PDP? Or is he a member of PDP and APC at the same time? In the course of my research, I found out that the major actors who are pushing for the candidature of Benjamin Uwajumogu are not serious and sincere. Rather, as political traders, they are waiting for Senator Athan Achonu to come and reach an “understanding” with them. 

In fact, a reliable source informed me that the business of money sponsorship was shifted to Chief Tony Chukwu who had earlier seen Uwajumogu as a bad market. Other political traders have confessed to their foot soldiers that they don’t see the prospects of Benjamin Uwajumogu winning the re-run election. Right now, there is a stay of action while they are battling with their instrument of “political weather forecast”.

The diehard among these political traders of Okigwe zone are insisting that having crossed the ribbon, there would be no retreat, no surrender; and that they would match on, while their agents on state appointments (as Special Advisers, TC Chairmen and hangers on) who are part of their ‘’Weather forecast’’ instrument are to bring feedback on whether Governor Rochas Okorocha has interest on Benjamin Uwajumogu or not. 

Yet they forgot that Owelle Rochas Okorocha had on the 26th of March 2014 in Okigwe zone openly indicted Uwajumogu and his aides led by Kodichi Anamekwe of road contract scams. Will Okorocha turn around to support a fraudster for Senate re-run? But be that as it may, the Senatorial election re-run is for Okigwe zone indigenes to choose who will represent them at the National Assembly according to the fair sharing and distribution of political power among the three blocs at a given point in time. 

It is not all about the President or the Governor of the State; rather, it is all about the people of Okigwe zone. Senator Athan Achonu was there, and must be sent back to finish his tenure. Also, can we see that in Etiti block where Benjamin Uwajumogu come from, has already produced Dee SAM Mbakwe, S.N. Anyanwu, Mathew Nwagwu as Senators, while Ehime Mbano has produced only Emeka Echeru as Senator. This is the reason also why Senator Athan Achonu should be allowed to complete his tenure at the National Assembly.

Now, Ehime Mbano people that shares power with  Etiti bloc are not complaining who their candidate should be, but these shameless political traders have come to scatter the brotherly arrangement. It is therefore either we convert them or we relegate them. Our challenges, problems, pitfalls, underdevelopment, political destabilizations are all in our hand. That is why Cassius in Julius Caesar said and I quote, “why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world, petty men/walk under his huge legs, and peep about/ to find ourselves dishourable graves men\ at sometime are masters of their fates;\ the fault dear Brutus is not in our stars,\ but in ourselves, that we are underlings’’. 

Conversely, my brothers and sisters of the distinguished Okigwe zone; let us redeem ourselves politically since our problem is our fault. 

Finally, let me encourage Senator Athan Achonu to continue with his style of campaign. He has been campaigning everywhere in Okigwe zone with his lovely wife. Benjamin Uwajumogu on the other hand is too ashamed of himself, hence he has refused to campaign with his own wife. He is rather parading everywhere with his notorious sister, Chidinma, a shameless divorcee who was sacked by her Ex-husband Chief Ibe-Ejiogu of Owerri North LGA for acts unbecoming of a wife. 

This is a major story that must be told the public in my next article. Also, how Uwajumogu’s Chief of Staff (Kodichi Anamekwe) impregnated a female staff at the Office of the Speaker Imo State House of Assembly, is a major story worthy of the public’s attention. 

Like the political Genius and master of insightful narrative writing (Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha) would say; I rest my pen.

Mr. Donald Anyanwu, Accredited Columnist, Okigwe Unity Forum; 08064879646       

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