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Okoroafor to Buhari: Look beyond APC to fix recession



President Muhammadu Buhari has to look beyond partisan interests to get competent Nigerians who can bail the nation out of the current biting economic recession.

This was the advice of General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria Rev Chidi Okoroafor on Thursday.

Okoroafor, who declared “wisdom has no residential address”, urged the President not to imagine he alone has all it takes to rescue the nation from the recession.

He spoke few hours to the end of the 3-day South west ministers’ conference, which held at Bethel camp on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway with the theme “fulfilling your ministry”.

He explained: “A leader is not somebody who knows it all. A leader is somebody who doesn’t know it all but presses the right buttons to get things done. He looks for the right persons and fixes them where they should be.

“Wisdom has no residential address. Every wisdom needed to fix this country is already here. It is not necessarily in the presidency.

“You don’t need to be partisan to move the nation forward because the wisdom that will move the nation forward may be in members of the opposition party.

“Even if you don’t like the colour of that person’s face, just pick hi m up as long as he has the wisdom to bail us out.”

He called on Christians and church leaders to intercede ceaselessly for divine intervention for economic recovery.

According to him, only God can rescue the nation from the messy economic hardships.

Okoroafor said: “My mind goes back to what happened in the bible when there was an economic recession.

“God was not looking for economic experts or political juggernauts. He said he sought for a man that will stand in the gap.

“So, the responsibility of the church during recession is to stand in the gap by taking the nation back to God.”

He added: “We need divine intervention to give Nigeria the needed solution.

“Man may not give Nigeria the solution but we need divine intervention.

“It is only prayer that can draw the hands of God to intervene in the current economic woes”

He appealed to the federal government to dialogue with members of Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) and Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to address the grievances.

“Dialogue is what we need now. You can even dialogue with the devil but before you go you are going with the best and worst solutions to the bargaining,” he stressed.

Promise Uzoma Okoro


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