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OkoroAwusa, Igbo is not for SELL! “Biafra: Arewa Meets Ohanaeze for Dialogue



“Governor Okorocha raising the hands of the factional leaders of Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo Chief Enwo-Igariwey and Dr. Ralph Obioha at the end of the reconciliation meeting Monday night at the Government House, Owerri with Dr. Obioha accepting Chief Igariwey as the President-General of United Ohaneze”

It is good that Ohanaeze has met with Arewa, now the work for a peaceful separation can begin in earnest since New BIAFRA is a done deal – we salute them.

“We will also continue to meet with our other brothers, the Afenifere, the South-South Peoples Assembly, the Ishekiri, the Uhorbo and many other socio-cultural groups to promote peaceful co -existence and unity of Nigeria”, he disclosed.

Throwing light on the new alliance, President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Gary Igariwey, explained that it would enhance cooperation among the two ethnic groups as well as held reduce the problems being encountered by her people in various parts of the north and Southeast.

“We think that this kind of joint cooperation will solve some of the problems we keep having from time to time. It means that we don’t need to come to the north to address issues; it means that we will contact Arewa to tell them about the problems confronting our people there.

The major issue is that we are starting on a good note of cooperation that will ensure that we have other good results in the future. These meetings will be very regular”, he stated.

Chairman of the AFC and former Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Ibrahim Ahmadu Coomassie, expressed happiness that the groups had come together, assuring that  the beginning of greater things to come in Nigeria was when various groups come together to discuss and tackle issues affecting them.”

Ohanaeze should be reminded that it works for Oha and not the other way around, hopefully, since Ohanaeze has seen fit to have this meeting under the roof of Mallam Okorowusa, it should remind him that Igbo is not for SELL and that the only acceptable condition for any negotiation is based on the conditions listed non-negotiable conditions below:

Every ethnic nationality must control 100% of their political space;

Every ethnic nationality must control 100% of their boundaries and what is beneath and above it;

Every ethnic nationality must control 100% of their resources;

Every ethnic nationality must grow at their own pace;

Every ethnic nationality must govern/rule themselves;

Every ethnic nationality must make the ultimate decision on the way forward by them self alone.

The last condition states clearly that the ONLY basis for a meeting by ANY or ALL representatives of the ethnic nationalities with those that have decided on separation is to peacefully work out the modalities of separation; only members of the ethnic nationality in question can debate or deliberate on any issue about their way forward. Arewa or any representatives of any ethnic nationality should focus on the many challenges facing their peoples.


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