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Okorocha: A Drowning Legend ~ By Duru Ositadinma Michael‎


A story of a man who had the opportunity to become Lord of the ring politically, a man that would have being one of the highest stakeholders, bargaining power and chieftain of his party as the only APC governor in the entire East but allow Ego, pride and greed to destroy himself.

He started by fighting his friends and cronies as a means or ploy to break their wings and clutches to get easy ride to installing his stooge that would protect his atrocities and loots.

He that eat alone will definitely die alone, that is the situation Rochas has found himself. His sins are numerous to mention

In his words…..

~ I have retired all the political bigwigs in the state
~ They (political bigwigs) where not there when I won election 2015, so I can do it all alone 2019
~ Are there men and women in Owerri, Imo State, let them come out.
~No body can stop my son inlaw from succeeding me
~ Abuja politicians are toothless bull dogs
~ Igbos are backward politically compared to Hausas etc.

Pride they say is a poor substances to an indelible, who will come to his rescue after retiring everyone? Men are out and have proven to him that they exist and now he is crying witch hunt. No man is an island

For me, If I can help Rochas say what’s in his mind, he is regretting everything, most especially fighting his best friend,the Deputy governor, Prince Madumere . But is too late because even his party where he was the chairman of their governors forum has rejected him.

The worst of Rochas Ordeal is yet to come after his immunity must have expired, at least to have coursed APC to loose the only state they have in the entire East.

Including all the looting involving state bailout funds, money for the pensioners, 30% reduction fees from workers salaries, China road constructions, land forceful grabbing and sales of state properties

Nobody should relate Rochas ordeal to igbo marginalisation because through out his stay as governor, he avoided virtually all the meetings , issues and discussions concerning the region.

He never showed that he was part of the region and did not use his position as chairman of APC governorship forum to attract any meaningful project from his party or federal government into the region.

Let him stew in his juice. Let his relations who enjoyed with him fight for him. Let all his family members come out for him. NO SYMPATHY

I think his story should be a lesson to our politicians, youths and case study for students of political science in universities and colleges

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